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Be aware of everything around you before you go for it...

So it was my senior year of highschool, and I turned 18 right before Christmas break. I went to a strict catholic school, which frowned upon piercings, yet I always wanted my eyebrow done. I was talking about it since 6th grade. There was just something about it, I had just always liked the look of eyebrow piercings... Anyway, I had looked briefly at a local tattoo/piercing place in Providence, when a friend took her boyfriend to get his lip pierced a year before. I had remembered how clean and welcoming Red's was. I decided to go there. It was very last minute in the way that I went about it, but we walked in late on a Saturday night and I was greeted at the desk immediately. I told the piercer, Mike, that I was looking to get my eyebrow pierced. He asked for an I.D. and had me sign the paperwork, then took me into the back room.

The room was very clean, and bright... it calmed my nerves but I was distracted by the fact that Mike wanted to keep conversation going as long as possible. He explained to me that he had his eyebrow pierced six times. This did confuse me, as I didn't see an eyebrow piercing on him presently but I let that go. He showed me all the "instruments" if that's what you wanted to call them, and asked the approximate spot I wanted the piercing. I pointed, he marked, and I okay-ed it. He continued the conversation and told me immediately to shut my eyes. So not to freak myself out, I did. He kept tlking, and told me I was going to feel pressure. I really didn't even until he was taking the bar out... then after being there less then 5 minutes it seemed, I was being handed the care sheet and was walking out the door. Painless.

I started school a week later and had to cover my eyebrow during school, with a small bandaid. This wasn't a big deal, I continued to clean the piercing and as soon as I could, I changed it from a straight barbel to one of those curved barbels, after reading about those working out better, and losing the bottom ball on my original barbel for an unknown reason at the mall one night. Everything seemed okay, my eyebrow was red every once in a while, usually because I would hit it on something or get it caught on something. No big deal. Graduation came, and after that summer. I got really used to my eyebrow, and then the next October... not even a year later, one day I went to check on my eyebrow and it was being held together by a very small piece of skin. I took the eybrow ring out, but it was too late... it was already a scar, I hadnt even noticed.

I waited until the next January (yesterday) to get it re-pierced. I had bugged my girlfriend to go with me for so long, she finally gave in... and we brought along a friend who also wanted it done. Once again I was greeted, however by someone who didnt tell us his name, and was kind of frantic about the whole process. We filled out the paperwork, coughed up the money... and I let my friend go first. I figured, it would be just like last time... 2 minutes. 15 minutes later she came out "It bled alot" she said, and her eyebrow was already pretty swollen. I figured, she's talkative she probably distracted him. I was next. I walked in the backroom and was told to sit down. This time, the spot was premarked, and I was asked to approve. "Yeah i guess that's alright..." and I was told NOT to close my eyes. This was different. There was no conversation besides "Do u have any otehr piercings" "Yeah I had my other eyebrow..." "oooh". Finally I closed my eyes, felt the clamp... and figured, this was so painless last time... eyebrow piercings arent supposed to really hurt (i also have a high pain tolerance)... I was wrong. He got the initial piercing, but my eyeball twitched so he couldnt get the jewelry through. Try again. Okay now his phone is ringing. He leaves. He comes back. "We'll have to taper it" before I can ask what that is (I've sense looked it up... and wonder why he did it) he was at me with my eyes closed. There was an amazing amount of pressure followed by a loud popping sound and him laughing "that sounds always great" at this point i can imagine the scene of this guy... pushing a bar through my face with all his strength. Finally, after a shooting pain and pressure... it was done. I got up, and was fine. He laughed... "You okay? you look pale"

I was fine. I thought. I walked out to my girlfriend and mumbled "That f-ing sucked" He handed us the care sheets, and we made our way to the door, at this point it started getting blurry. Walkable, but blurry. Then as we got to the door there was about 7 of everything, and it was impossible to walk without feeling like i was going to fall or puke. "Awsome, the exact opposite of my last experience. I look special, it doesnt even look like I can handle an eyebrow piercing when I know I can, I did."... was my thought as i sat on the couch. A wet paper towel was rushed out to me and I placed it on my head. To be honest, I dont know where it came from. It all happened so fast in my head, and I was focusing on the spinning couch next to me. We where then told to sit outside. So I did, and The name-unknown piercer stood there, then told my girlfriend to get me orange juice. She ran accross the street. She wasn't happy, eh... she's protective. She stormed back, even more mad because I was sitting alone. I figured I was fine and went to go walk back to the car. We stopped twice on the way home because I felt sick. I have no idea why this all went so bad but it did.

It's now been about 6 hours, and I still feel a slight burning. There was tingling, and burning for a while... the tingling sensation went away but it freaked me out. So based on my experience, I'd say definently make sure you observe where you are and how everything seems before you go and get something pierced. I've been yelled at, because I shouldve waited and had Mike do it again... and because I should have taken my friend's piercing experience as a warning... But in the end, what happened happened. Who knows how long i'll even have this piercing, and if it still burns tommorrow I'm taking it out. BUT I will say, if done right with no complications... this piercng is painless and well worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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