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An Eyebrow Piercing in Suburbia

For some reason, unknown to anyone--even myself really, I'd been fixated on an eyebrow piercing since I was in junior high. Every once in awhile, I'd casually bring it up in conversation with my parents, but they always just thought I was kidding or trying to make them nervous. Years came and went until I would finally be able to go have it done myself, since obviously my parents weren't exactly jumping at the chance to let me punch holes in my body.

Shortly after I graduated high school (literally just days), I finally worked up the courage to do it. After years of consideration, it felt like an eyebrow piercing would just be something I'd think about forever, but never actually do. But there I was, talking to my older sister. Finally setting a day, setting the place, setting the meeting time.

The day arrived, and I was as nervous as I've ever been. I don't deal well with pain or needles. Hell, I'm just an all-out wuss. My sister came to pick me up, and we went and got the rest of my moral support--her boyfriend and one of my good friends. We made the 20 minute drive out to Irezumi, walked in the shop, and I unconfidently told them what I was there to do. The workers joked around with me while I filled out my paperwork, which helped put me at ease. Then it was just a waiting game.

As we perused the flash, I heard someone call out my name. My eyes widened as I walked towards the room. The piercer told me I could bring one person in the room with me. "Only one? How do I choose who comes in?" I thought. But that decision came easy enough. My sister is about as squeamish as I am, so she couldn't handle watching, so my friend accompanied me.

I sat down in the bright red chair, and the piercer shut the door and gave me the rundown of what she was going to do. She showed me the jewelry and equipment and was very personable through the whole experience. She placed a couple of purple dots on my left eyebrow and got down to business. She had me lay down and did the piercing freehand as my friend observed with interest.

I tried to breathe deeply in order to relax. She told me to take 3 deep breaths, and on "3" the needle would go through. One breath...Two breaths..."Wait a minute, did the needle just go through on number 2?" I thought.

"Alright, you're doing great!" she said. "Now I'm just going to grab the barbell."

As I lay there, it was the most bizarre feeling. It didn't hurt. It was just a simple pinprick and I only vaguely had a feeling that the needle was in my face--like I wasn't even sure if it was still there or not.

The piercer slid the barbell in behind the needle, put the ball on, and wiped away the small amount of blood.

"Ok, all done, go take a look!"

At that point, I knew I'd made the right choice. It looked just as I pictured it. Perfect. She gave me the aftercare run-down and said to call or stop by if I was having any problems.

I went up to the counter, grinning, and paid. My sister came up and looked at my new addition, and loved it as well.

My parents, however, were less than pleased with my purchase. My mother refused to speak to me at first, and would only shake her head in utter disappointment(piercings are just so unseemly in the suburbs, you know). My father simply said, "Kind of a waste of money isn't it? I could've done that with a bolt from the garage." But they've warmed up to it.

Two weeks after I'd been pierced, while screwing around outside one night, a friend of mine accidentally punched me in the face and snagged the piercing. The pain was excruciating and definitely much worse than the piercing itself. I went home later that night after the shock and pain subsided, only to discover I had blood all down the left side of my face. I thought my piercing was done for. But I kept to the aftercare routine religiously, and healing went great. The only other issue I had was a slight bruising along the browbone.

My first piercing was well worth the wait, and cliche as it is, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. It still takes my family awhile to adjust when I come to visit them with new holes in my head, though it's gotten easier these days. But, ultimately, I think if a piercing is what you want, you should go for it regardless of what suburbia, your family, or whoever thinks. It's your life, your body. Not theirs or anyone else's.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Jan. 2007
in Eyebrow Piercing

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