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My Very First Piercing, One of Many to Come

I had wanted an eyebrow ring for about a year. After I graduated college, I realized I would soon have to find a real job, a career. That meant that my time for experimenting and having fun with my looks would soon be over. I knew I had to go ahead and get my eyebrow pierced now, so that by the time came to start interviewing for jobs I would be able to take out my eyebrow ring or wear a retainer. Although, realistically, I probably will not have to worry about a conservative workplace; I graduated in Radio/TV/Film!

While I was waiting to get pierced, I did a lot of research on the internet. I researched pictures on Google image search to get an idea of placement. I shopped and purchased a ton of body jewelry on eBay, already confident that my piercing would turn out wonderfully. I read articles on piercing and aftercare procedures, and I also visited message boards where people shared their experiences about having their eyebrows pierced. Finally I was ready. I contacted my friend, Jon, who is a piercer in town, and set up a time to come in.

Earlier in the month, I had talked with a friend about my intentions to have my eyebrow pierced. It turned out she also wanted hers done, though she was an experienced piercee, with her nose and navel already pierced. We found out that we both wanted to pierce our right eyebrows. So she decided to come with me.

I gave Jon our body jewelry that I had bought online (which saved us a TON of money), and he told us that the autoclave would take a little while. I was going to use a 16g curved barbell with 4mm beads with clear rhinestones, and my friend was going to have the 16g curved barbell with 3mm beads. While we waited we looked through the tattoo books and talked about which tattoos we would like to get. Finally Jon told us to "come on back".

I wanted to go first. This was to be my first body piercing, and I was really quite nervous. As had been suggested by some online users, I ate beforehand, though I was not able to eat much because I was so nervous. I tried to calm myself by thinking about how the people on the message boards said the piercing process "did not hurt at all" and how I have donated blood countless times, which also involves the sticking of a hollow needle into the flesh. I told him I wanted the piercing to go near the arch of my eyebrow. He told me that would not look good and marked it where he wanted it, which went further out than my actual eyebrow. I looked in the mirror and saw that it was too far out for my tastes; I really do not have very prominent eyebrows. He erased the marks and tried again to please me, this time closer in so that the bottom dot was in line with the edge of my eye, and the top dot was angled slightly further out. I liked the placement much better this time, and we decided to go for it.

He had me lie down on the table. I clasped my hands on my stomach and tried to relax. He told me to take a slow breath in, and then a slow breath out. He then asked me to repeat this, and while I was inhaling he stuck the needle through. Maybe it was because I was not expecting it to hurt, but it hurt terribly! I was so surprised at the pain, but it did not matter because it was already done. I got up slowly and looked in the mirror. My eyebrow was literally throbbing in pain.

To be honest, I did not like it at first. I was proud of myself for doing it, but it also seemed so foreign to me. After all of that time spent on the internet admiring other's eyebrow piercings, all I could think was, "Wow, I actually have metal in my face now." But after a few days the swelling went down, and I fell in love with my piercing. To my surprise, many of my casual friends and coworkers did not even notice it. When I would point it out, they would say things like, "Oh wow, I thought you had always had that." They said it looked so natural with my appearance, and that it fit with my personality perfectly. To me, that was almost a better compliment than someone randomly saying, "I like your eyebrow ring", which by now I have gotten plenty of those types of compliments anyway.

So finally, after all that time, I understood why I wanted the piercing so badly. It was not to fit in with a certain crowd or to look cool. It was to express myself and my individuality. I live in a small town where a very small percentage of people have visible body piercings. And now I want more! I am thinking about getting a custom industrial piercing in my left ear...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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