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My first facial piercing.

So about two days ago i was visiting some friends in San Diego. I had just turned 18 this last October and have always been interested in piercings (especially facial). I knew I was going to get one soon, but what? I was deciding between my septum and a lip piercing. I knew i wanted to get an eyebrow piercing though, that was a given.I decided the safest facial piercing at this point was my eyebrow, it's hard for the piercing to look bad on someone, and I didn't think the pain would be horrific.

Me and my friend Mer were talking about getting piercings when I came down to visit. We both deposited some checks and got some money so we could see if we still wanted to go through with it. We went into Dr. Jefes an excellent piercing/tattoo shop in Ocean Beach. We asked them about prices and got a good deal, because the jewelery they give you is really high quality stuff (titanium I think). So we both decided to get out eyebrows done and it cost us $50 to get barbells instead of hoops.

The piercers name was Ronnie, and you could tell hes done this millions of times. His whole face is tattooed and he has this piercing in his neck that isn't really a surface piercing but has metal under it. So he took us to the back room after checking our ids and having us sign papers with the copy of our ids on the back. They throw the papers out after a couple of days so no one gets your information.

We went back into the room, it was very clean. Merideth decided to go first, I didn't want to look, that would I would be less freaked out when he did mine. Wow, it took so little time, and her piercing looked good. She said it didn't hurt and pinched me to show me how it felt.

He marked me and told me to see if it looked ok, after I agreed I laid down on the table. He told me to take a deep breath and I felt a little bit of a sharp pain. It didn't hurt a bit but I couldn't keep my eyes from watering. It looks good, but I think im going to look for a colored barbel. Then he gave us salts to soak it in.

Right now I have a little blue under my piercing. I looked it up and I guess discoloration and bruising aren't uncommon for a new piercing, so im not going to worry about it, and keep cleaning it. By soaking it twice a day with the salts and putting antibacterial soap on it in the shower.

My dad and I drove down to San Diego together but I wasn't about to tell him I got my eyebrow pierced. I wasn't afraid to tell him, I just wanted to see the reaction on his face when he saw me with a piece of metal through my eyebrow. We took one car down there so I had to go and pick him up, luckily we were both busy hanging out with our friends and I didn't pick him up until 11 at night. It was dark so he couldn't really see, plus I was driving and the piercing was on the other side so he couldn't see it.

I knew as we were walking up to the hotel the bright fluorescent lights would give it away. I was just anticipating the moment. I couldn't wait, so I looked over at him, but he was staring straight ahead. I was hoping he would get my non-verbal clue and look over at me, he did. He started turning toward me with his half asleep, half shut eyes. They burst open and he tumbled back , he also gasped and shrieked at the same time.

I busted out laughing. That was one of the funniest things.

I still haven't told my mom, she lives in Florida. But im visiting her next month. Hope she likes it!!! I know she wont, but as long as im 18 I can get as many piercings as I want.

So I suggest an eyebrow piercing if you would like to get your first facial piercing. It barely hurts and practically anyone can pull it off. If you are around san diego, GO TO DR. JEFES! You might think its a little expensive, but if you get a piercing for $20, it most likely will turn out bad, or they will give you crappy jewelery. Ronnie is really good, but im sure anyone there can help you out. Most of the piercings range from $45 for a hoop to $60 for a barbell. Luckily Ronnie gave us a deal and we only had to pay $50!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Ronnie
Studio: Apogee+in+Dr.+Jefes
Location: Newport+Ave.+in+Ocean+Beach+CA

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