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My first facial piercing

Hello all.

My name is Eman and I recently got my very first facial piercing. I had my right eyebrow done with just a standard barbell. I have always liked the look of a eyebrow piercing and found it to be very sexy and interesting on both males and females.

I'm a 25 year old male who works in the medical field so at first it wasn't a very good and professional option. I was also scared that going in and out of the hospital and often wearing mask's or head caps would irritate the new piercing and have a greater chance of infection. I already get enough strange looks from people i interact with at the hospital just due to my age.

I recently changed jobs and continue to deal in the hospital but more in an office and I thought that this was my chance to finally get it done. My co-workers are all really young and have a few themselves, so I knew I would fit right in.

One Friday night I happen to be looking in the mirror and contemplating what it might look like and just figured, "you know what, its a piercing... i can always take it out" and headed of to a reputable shop that I have heard of. My greatest fear was naturally the pain. My ear piercing experiences in the past we not pleasant so I did not expect this to be any different.

I got to the shop, somehow hoping that maybe the price would be way to high, or they couldn't do it that day or something that would be a clear sign not to get it. No such luck, everything was perfect. Everyone was so friendly, honest, and frank about what i wanted done. I knew i was in the right place and all my apprehensiveness went away.

I took some time looking at the different jewelry and settled on a standard barbell. I like the look of it and it can be very discrete and un-noticeable at times. I figured since it would be more flush to my face, it wouldn't catch as much onto any clothing.

I sat waiting for a while, building up my nerve and then it was my turn. Renee the artist was really nice, explained everything to me and answered all my questions. She took the time to carefully measure, mark and show me exactly where and how it would happen.

She marked it perfect for me and showed me in the mirror.

So I knew what was next. I asked her if it would hurt, and she was honest and said it would sting at first but be fine after. The funny part was that she was joking that the more painful part would be her placing her hand near/on my eye while she did the piercing. I laid back closed my eyes and left it in her hands.

I could feel the clamp on my eyebrow and then the big moment. I fell the sharp sting of a needle, and it staying there for a moment while the jewelry went in. I was completely reassured; as Renee was in a very nice calm soothing voice was giving me the play by play. Before i knew it i was done!!!

And honestly, she was right it was a slight sting, and the only part i really felt was the clamps and her hand on my eye. I walked out with a great smile on my face and the piercing I've wanted for years.

That same night i barely felt a thing. I actually remember waking up on my face and thinking that it would hurt.... but nothing.

I've had a great experience there and actually have gone back to get other piercing re-done there and looking to get more.

But that's a different story.

I went to work the following Monday, didn't say a word and didn't make any extra effort to show it off, but even before I got into the office door all the way I was already getting comments. Everyone I've run into so far has found it really cool and even sexy as a friend of mine said.... so it was definitely a good choice.

I find that with the piercing it draws peoples attention into my eyes and as a guy, it helps with getting the ladies attention by talking to them straight in the eye. I love the way it looks just peeking over my sunglasses or a subtle "bling" underneath my ball cap. I wish I had gotten it sooner! But now that I have the Barbell in, I actually prefer it as to a hoop, and i think ill stick with it.

That's my story! I hoped you enjoyed it and thanks for reading.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Renee
Studio: Waycool+Tattoo+Uptown
Location: Toronto

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