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My first piercing (Eyebrow)

I originally planned to get my lip pierced but I decided against it because my friend said I would not suit my lip pierced but I could suit an eyebrow piercing, I had not thought of having my eyebrow pierced because my lip was kind of a rash decision but I thought, hey that would look good! So I phoned up the nearest piercing establishment I knew off and asked if they could do an eyebrow piercing but I was told that I would have to wait because the piercer was taken a break.

A few weeks past and then I phoned up again and asked if I could get my eyebrow pierced and it was booked for a week after the phone call had taken place. I was really excited telling everyone that I was getting my eyebrow done and asking everyone's opinion everyone was like "Yeah go for it!" I told my mother who told me "Your 16 now you can do what you want." The night before she told me I should reconsider because of all the infections I could get. However my mind was made up, I was getting my eyebrow pierced. I was really excited the night before my eyebrow piercing and could not sleep! I was kind of like a young child before Christmas day!

I woke up early so I did not sleep in! As I lay in my bed looking at the clock, the realisation kicked in... I started to wonder, do I really want to have my eyebrow pierced because its something that will never go away when I no longer want it. I tried not to be pessimistic so I called my friend to meet up with me as I did not want to go alone. I walked to a shop and bought a drink and went to my nearest ATM machine and withdrew enough money to cover the cost of my eyebrow piercing and then met up with my mate who came with me. I got to the door and knocked and a woman answered.

I walked in with drinking my energy drink, because I heard it helped you not to faint. I was directed into the piercers room and started to feel really nervous. I looked around at all the pieces of paper stuck on the wall with very nice previews of tattoos trying to help me from being so nervous, but it did not help. I sat down on a leather couch while the piercer put on his latex gloves and got ready. Then he told me to sit in a single seat. He placed to dots above and below my left eyebrow and took out a mirror and asked what I thought, I said "Ok, what do you think" to my friend and she said "Yeah" He asked "If you don't want it, this is your time to say so" I looked at him and said nothing. Clamped it and said "Close your eyes and think happy thoughts" which I did and then I felt him putting the needle through and it was over! He got the barbell in and took out the mirror again and I smiled!

I went home and my mother was still in bed because she was feeling kind of ill. I spoke to her for a while and she did not notice my eyebrow piercing till I pointed it out. She did not mind that I had gotten it and I told her I would go for a test to prove her wrong about the infections, but she said she knew I would not get an infection and it did not matter.

I was so proud of myself I had gotten my first piercing! I loved and I went out later that night (Did not drink because I was advised not too) and got a whole load of compliments! It was great, then when I was out someone that did not like me that much came up to me and tried to poke it but instead he hit my eyeball and my contact came out! Ouch!

Three or so months on its nearly finished healing... It's taken so long because I could not help but play with it all the time, it's a bad idea to play with your piercing because it gets infected from bad bacteria being on your hands! I am now considering getting my lip pierced because I had a face lip ring in for a night out and people liked it! However I do not know how my work place would take it. I am going to ask for permission after the new year, I think its pathetic I have to ask a company permission to do stuff to your own body but oh well its money at the end of the day and it would them paying for it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: John
Studio: John%27s+Tattos+and+Body+Peircings
Location: Lerwick

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