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my anti-brow learning experience

So, me and my friends are piercing buffs. I got all the stuff to pierce online, needles, clamps, etc. I want to eventually be a piercer myself, and who else to practice on than myself and my friends?

I've always loved the look of the anti-brow, I saw it once on tv and ever since then i've been wanting one. I debated on it for about a year and a half, because I know that my family would NOT approve. But then, I got my labret, eyebrow and nose done, so I figured one more piercing, even if its not a common one around here, wouldn't hurt.

The only thing holding me back was the thought of how painful it would be. My cheeks are pretty tight, and you would think that sticking a needle through it wouldn't really feel very good. Also, I have the type of skin that scars very easily, so what if it didnt work out or keloids or something? I'd pretty much be screwed. But i'm young, and I can just exfoliate to make the scar go away, so I figured to hell with it, lets do it.

One day my friend nikki and I were really bored. I had just pierced her bridge the night before, and I was itching for another one myself. So, I told her to do my anti-brow.

First, she looked it up online to figure out how to do it, in the first place. We used a 14 guage barbell thats used for navels, because she has hers and she told me the deeper the curve the less it'l reject. So, that barbell being the biggest one I had, we went for it.

We marked it, and swabbed it with alcohol.

She clamped my cheek, which was hard because I have tight skin, and then she put in the jewelry. I don't mention the needle going through because I actually didn't even feel it. Well, thats a lie. I felt it go through, but it just popped right through and it was the least painful peircing i've ever had in my life. My earlobes hurt more than my anti-brow! I was amazed. She said "ok, done" and i'm like, "aren't you going to pierce it?" "...uh... dude... the jewelry's already in..." I was very impressed.

We cleaned it all up. looking at it, the angle of the piercing was just so that it really made my cheekbone stand out. I put 3 mm silver balls on it, which I had to dig around for, but they really didnt look that good. They were too big, and it kind of ruined the whole effect of the piercing. After a few minutes of us playing around and looking to see how different ball sizes looked, it started to tingle a bit and get a little sore. that was the first pain I had experienced in the whole procedure.

Finally, I settled on a medium sized silver ball on the top thread and a smaller ball on the bottom. This jewelry choice actually made my cheekbone stick out even more, and I was really happy with it.

My grandparents saw it and hated it. so did my mom andmy dad and my stepfamily ridiculed me about it, but then they're all pretty much hicks, and I was expecting it.

The first few days after I got it done, it looked great. it didn't hurt, it wasn't red, there was no swelling, and I kept getting compliments on how thin it made my face look. I experimented with different colered balls, trying some acrylic ones, but none of them looked as good as the plain silver balls. The only problem I had with it was sometimes my hair got caught in it and when I had showers, if I let the shower spray hit me in the face and it touched the piercing I got a big jolt of pain, but I have a high pressure shower so that explains it.

Unfortunetly, After a week, it started to reject. so I put 16 guage jewelry, and that slowed it down, and even though there was redness, it looked pretty good. THEN, it started to pocket. Didnt look too good. so I had to take it out. I loved it, though, when it wasn't all red and gross, and i'm getting my other cheek done soon. I would recommend it to anyone whos hesitant to get piercings due to the pain factor, because I swear it was the least painful piercing experience i've ever had. and i've had a LOT of piercings, surface ones particularily, and again, it didnt hurt AT ALL. I think the reason this piercing failed was a) an amatuer did It (I was her first anti-brow) and b) I used the wrong jewelry. I would suggest using some PFTE in lieu of a metal barbell, because that part of your face is so flexible that a rigid piece of steel really isn't that benificial.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Nikki
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Location: Lethbridge%2C+AB

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