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I love my face.

Piercing #31. I had lusted after it since before I had any body piercings. The fear of my parents, and the fear of migration had stopped me up until yesterday, November 27th. The night before, I had been talking to a friend about piercings, and how I was to be going on a piercing adventure with friends the next day. I wanted my nostril done for a third time with a ring, so I would have two studs and one ring. I also wanted something else, but didn't know what yet.

Josh suggested an anti eyebrow and said it would look pretty hot on me. Surprisingly, he's the first person who has ever suggested it, even though it's been at the back of my mind forever. He also said a nape piercing would be cute, but I'm growing my hair out, so I didn't want hair nastiness to get into the piercing when my hair wasn't even long enough to put into a ponytail to keep it away from the piercing.

So, anti-eyebrow it was. The day didn't start off that well, as one of my friends found out that she had to work. Then my best friend, who was supposed to be our ride there bailed because he was sick. He said he would still give us a ride, but too many people were coming, so we had more people than seatbelts. It would have been mean to make some people take the bus when others got a ride, so we decided to all take the bus, and I told my best friend to go home and get some rest.

We eventually made our way to Strange City to make appointments, and the girl there told us that Hailey was just out getting food, and she would be back soon. The receptionist was also a piercer, and wasn't piercing because she was pregnant. We talked to her for a bit and found out that they had no nostril jewelry. How upsetting. So I was only going to get my anti eyebrow then. My friend Cara, who was supposed to be my nostril buddy, decided on a smiley piercing, and Tim wanted his tongue pierced twice.

At dinner, another friend, Katina, decided she wanted her medusa pierced. So, the four of us trekked back to Strange City in the freezing cold. God, Edmonton sucks sometimes. We all filled in our forms (I wrote "princess" as my occupation, because well, I am.) and found out that only two people could go to the piercing room at a time. So, we all buddied up. Cara was my partner and responsible for taking pictures with her phone. Hailey called me first, which was shocking, because the reality hadn't hit me yet.

Cara and I went to the piercing room and Hailey set up her tray. A lot of glove changes took place during the procedure, every time she touched something that wasn't sterile. She swabbed my face and took a really long time to mark it, to make sure it was where I wanted it, as well as in a place with as little movement as possible. She made her first mark, and I didn't like it too much, and asked her to move it up a bit. She did, and I was pleased with the marks. Oh god, the moment of truth.

She asked me to lie down, and told Cara where she could stand to take pictures. I should mention that Strange City uses the punch and taper method of surface piercing, which terrified me because I didn't know what to expect. Also, Tim had had a biopsy punch done on his back the day before for medical reasons, and he said it had hurt a LOT. Then again, the punch they took out of his back was about a zero gauge and mine was only going to be fourteen. So, Hailey got me to start breathing deep, and I closed my eyes because and got ready for PAIN!

Pinch. Pinch. What the hell? Thats it? She told me I was doing great, and the punching was done. All she needed to do now was elevate the skin and insert the surface bar. She said I might hear a popping sound as it went in, and I did. I've had several cartilage piercings, and have never heard a pop, but wow, hearing your FACE pop sure is an experience. There really wasn't much pain, the "pain" was just annoying. Afterwards it really wasn't sore or anything, but I was afraid to smile, I somehow thought it would instantly reject if I did. It was perfectly placed, and looked lovely. By the way, I got the anti eyebrow done on the right side of my face, because I have my eyebrow done twice on the left side.

I looked at the pictures, and there was a LOT of blood on my face that I didn't really even feel... I guess that's why Hailey kept wiping my face... My friends got their piercings, and we walked to Shoppers Drug Mart to get alcohol-free mouthwash for all the others, as they had all gotten oral piercings. We waited for my mom to pick us all up, and I knew my mom was going to be angry with me for getting pierced.

After dropping my friends off, I broke the news. "Mom, I got a piercing." "WHAT!? WHERE IS IT?" "It's on my face..." And that's when she started yelling. I calmed her down, as I always do, by explaining that it's my body and I'll do what I want with it. I told her that I didn't see why she couldn't be happy for me. So eventually she shut up, after I told her that she really wasn't going to love me any less, and to not waste her breath anymore, because she would be over it by the next day. She's a pretty nice lady, she just doesn't "get" why I want to "mutilate" myself. Whatever, its modification, not mutilation!

It's now the next day, and my face feels fine. My piercing had a little blood crusted around it when I woke up, and I cleaned it off with a few Q tips soaked in saline. I have no pain, and there's no awkwardness in moving my face as I had expected there to be. I love it so much. Hailey made it an amazing experience for my friends and I, and stayed later than closing time to finish all our piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Hailey
Studio: Strange+City
Location: Edmonton

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