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First facial piercing.

I had only my lobes pierced and they were only 20 gauge which I got when I was five. I bawled all the car way home from getting those pierced. And I was terrified of getting shots or anything else that required needles. I was a preppy, blonde, blue eyed, seventh grader, who was usually scared/intimidated by people with any body modifications. But I, myself, wanted to get my eyebrow pierced.

 I remember being terrified to ask my mother but I could not stop thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced. So one morning, I was yelling for her to come here ((I was still in bed, I just woke up)) but she was on the phone. Me being me, I kept yelling her name which just aggravated her. Which I thought would definitely make it a no. But I still asked her. And she said yes. I was expecting a "maybe" or an "I'll think about it," at the very best. She just simply said yes. Well there were a few things I had to do but it was just to do my chores ((dishes and trash)). I was quite surprised but happy. No not happy, I was ecstatic with joy. I, now, know why my mother was so easily convinced, well asked, because she really likes eyebrow piercings and wants one herself but thinks she wouldn't look right with one.

We made the appointment at White Dragon the next day to get it in a week. It was on a half day of school, so my mother couldn't take me before work ((she worked from 4-12)) instead she went in before and signed the papers and my sister took me. My sister had been telling me it was going to be incredibly painful ((she didn't want me to get it done)) and I might faint. And me being 12 at the time was terrified and believed her. The hour before going was terrifying but I was going to get it done. What got me to put my fears aside was I had told everyone I was going to get it and didn't want them to think I was too much of a chicken.

I had told everyone and anyone who would listen. My friend's parents said that it was wrong and I shouldn't get it. That I would want more and more after that which I didn't think would be the case ((they were right now I've gotten pierced 6 more times and have a list of future piercings)).

My cousin and ((1 year old)) nephew came with us to get it pierced. They all came into the room to watch. My sister put her hands over my nephew's eyes so he didn't start crying or anything like that. Dustin ((the piercer)) put my nerves to rest when he told me it shouldn't be very painful at all. He washed his hands, put gloves on, sterilized the ring, got out a new needle, and all that stuff. Then explained the procedure, marked it, asked if it was okay, put the clamps on, asked if they were too tight but they weren't, told me to take a deep breath, to exhale, and finally pierced it. I barely felt it. It was more like a pinch. So then, he put the ring in which I didn't feel at all and told me how to take care of it.  We paid and tipped him and left.

The next day it swelled up horribly. Everyone was saying it was infected which scared me but I was positive it wasn't and my body was just reacting to getting a needle shoved through it and a ring put through the wound. It stayed swollen and huge for about 3 days and I started to get worried, since I had no knowledge of piercing or anything and didn't have internet to look up on it, so I had my mom take me back to White Dragon. Dustin told me that it was fine and that it should go down soon.

A lot of people like it a lot some didn't but I loved it. My science teacher even told me it looked good. I have recently just taken it out because I now have my bridge, septum pierced, a Monroe, and snake bites. And the eyebrow barbell didn't look right with them. I miss it constantly and I still am careful when brushing my hair rubbing my eye to not hit it and every time I look up out of the corner of my eye I expect to see the ball...I miss it tons.

I still have two noticeable holes where it was but it hasn't even been a month since taking it out. It didn't migrate at all. And I do not regret getting it at all.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Dustin
Studio: White+Dragon.
Location: Columbus%2C+Nebraska

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