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Building a bridge and getting over it

I am a piercing fanatic, I love piercing myself (which I do with the proper equipment and everything).

Bridge piercings to me have always been very interesting but I never thought myself to get one because my nose is slightly crooked, until I found myself making an appointment at Flesh Wound in Wellington one day last week. I wouldn't have done it myself because if it's not done properly it can reject and I'd probably do it really crooked.

The following week me, my boyfriend, our 9 week old daughter, Emily, Ashleigh and Yvette, who had also made an appointment to get pierced caught a train in to town. When we arrived I realized I hadn't eaten anything (what an idiot), so not having much time we rushed to McDonalds then basically ran to Flesh Wound, dodging the hundreds of people that block the streets.

We arrived at exactly one o'clock, which luckily was the time of my appointment, any way I went up to Timb told him what I was there for and away we went. I filled out the form, after Yvie had filled out her form he explained the healing times and cleaning procedures, gave as solution and sea salt and then I went into the piercing room.

I sat on the bench seat thing, he put iodine all over the area that was to be pierced then started to mark everything out with a toothpick and purple stuff. It was rather awkward having someone about 60cm from your face staring very intently so I shut my eyes. It took a good 20 minutes or so for him to get it the where he wanted, which must have been difficult considering I get rather shaky when I'm asked to sit still. I checked it in the mirror and it was perfect.

I then lay down and he put the clamps on, asked if it was tight, it was but not painfully tight so he continued, I was told to keep my eyes shut so I had no idea what was going on but I think that may have been better anyway. He counted to three- on two breathe in and three breathe out and through the needle goes. I opened my eyes to see what it looked like and my friend got a great picture of me with a needle through my bridge and me going crossed eyed with blood in my eye.

It felt weird not painful, just really weird, like pressure in the middle of my head it's really hard to explain... He then told me I had a skin tag and after a while of playing around with that he said it was pissing him off and he asked me if he could try something, trusting him I said okay.

He got a new needle and bar swapped gloves, you know going through the whole hygiene procedure again. He took the bar out sliding the new needle back through and did this about 4 or 5 times until he was happy with it, by about the third time I was starting to feel a slight thumping sensation on the side the needle kept piercing. At times I was asking what was through my bridge as I had no idea. Having to do the whole breathe in breathe out thing again and again I thought I might pass out!

He started cleaning all the blood off my eye along with half my eye make and smudging the rest down my face hehe, he was really gentle and I could barely feel him cleaning it off. When he was done I looked in the mirror and I was so happy it was awesome!! I just couldn't stop looking every 5 seconds I was so happy at how it looked and so excited to show my mum when I got home.

When we had arrived the place was empty and when I looked out into the reception area it was cram backed with people and my daughter and friends, except Yvie had disappeared but they had just gone out to make room for all the people.

Yvie got her septum piercing done then we filled in a little sheet about what it was like ect. Then we got our cleaning stuff, Yvie made another appointment and we left.

I now have 19 piercings- eyebrow, nose, septum, ears x8, tongue x4, labret, lip, naval and now my beloved bridge, Yay! We are going back next Thursday and I may add to my collection we'll just have to wait and see.

My piercing looks great and I was so impressed with how professional Timb was and how he made sure it was just right! If anyone is thinking of getting anything pierced and you live near Wellington I highly recommend Flesh Wound, they are extremely professional, friendly and easy to talk to.



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Timb
Studio: Flesh+Wound
Location: Wellingotn

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