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Bridge piercing at oasis, sorted out at blue banana!

I'd wanted a bridge piercing for a few months before finally going to get it done. None of my friends really liked the idea, but I was pretty set on getting this addition to my face. I must have been into oasis about five times before I decided that if I kept putting it off, I'd just keep regretting not getting it done. So about a month ago, I went into town determined not to chicken out! I went to get something to eat, and then me and my friend made our way to oasis indoor market.

When we got to the desk I spotted the guy who also pierced my nose a few months before, and asked for a bridge piercing as quickly as I could, as I knew I wouldn't be able to back out then. He said ok, asked me for ID to prove I was 16 and handed me a form to sign and then took me into the little room with the jewellery. I sat on the table like thing they have in there, and he started marking up. It only took him a few seconds, and when I looked in the mirror I wasn't happy with the placing, and so asked him to mark it a little lower instead. He told me that the lower I got it, the more likely it was to reject quickly- But I'd rather have it look good for a short amount of time then not be pleased with it at all. He marked up again, and I decided it looked a lot better this time and said it was great.

He told me to hold my breath and close my eyes, while he sprayed the stuff that freezes you on the bridge of my nose. I started laughing at this point, as the spray was dripping off and actually freezing my leg at the same time, but managed to control myself. He clamped my nose and pushed the needle through, followed by the jewellery. I didn't feel anything due to it being frozen. He asked if I was ok, and I said yes and went to admire it in the mirror. I was really pleased with the placing, and so was the friend I took with me. We left and I spent the next few hours looking in every mirror we passed.

When I got home I started thinking about all the advice I'd been given on a website I'm a member of (the pierced freaks cult on vampirefreaks- them people know their stuff!), and remembered that I'd been told it should be done with a curved bar. As I hadn't been shown the jewellery before the piercing, I had no idea what I had in there. I went over to the mirror and came to the conclusion that the bar was straight. I felt like a bit of a fool for not asking more, but I was so nervous that I didn't really think about it at the time.

I got no pain from the piercing, but after about a week I noticed one of the holes was pretty red. I started to worry that it was starting to reject, but I guess I carried on trying to convince myself that they knew what they were doing.

Last weekend I decided to go and check out the new piercing studio, blue banana, as they were doing half price piercing. I went in and stated talking to the two women at the till about what I wanted done. I decided it was worth me sounding stupid, and asked one of them (I think her name was Louise) if I should have a straight or a curved bar in my bridge. She said a curved one, and I asked if it would be possible to buy one and have them put it in for me. She told me I could probably put it in myself with no problems, but as it's still quite a new piercing I was a bit worried and told her that as I was getting a new piercing anyway, I may as well get it done as well. She told me to give it to the girl doing the piercing when I gave her my jewellery for my new one, so she could autoclave it.

I was waiting around for a while due to the amount of people making the most of half price piercing. When I eventually got in there I got my new piercing (which is another story), and then the girl changed my bridge bar for me. I asked her if my chances of the piercing rejecting were higher because I'd had a straight bar in for a while, and she said they were but if I had any problems I could go in and she'd check it for me.

The curved bar feels so much more comfy now, although it's a little bit long. If I'm not having problems with it in a few weeks I'll go and get it changed to a shorter bar.

I don't think I'll be getting pierced in oasis again, but I'll be back to blue banana many times in the future. They are so helpful in there and actually take the time to let you know what's happening. I guess the situation was partly my fault though for not asking to see the jewellery.

I'm still worried that it's going to start rejecting soon due to the straight bar, but I guess I'll just have to see what happens. I'm just glad I know have a piercing studio I trust and feel comfortable with.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Didn%27t+get+a+name
Studio: Oasis+market+%28downstairs%29
Location: Birmingham%2C+England

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