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believe your piercer

I was impatient. Since I got my tongue pierced, I was craving that adrenaline rush again.

I had carefully planned out that, I was going to get a horizontal barbell. Well, after some drama, and that adrenaline feeling not going away. I took my last 100 bucks, and made an appointment to get two vertical barbells.

Excited after booking the appointment, I was talking to a friend on messenger, and he asked who the piercer was. I said his name, and he did the laugh out loud thing, and then told me some stories about the piercer that he had heard through a chain of gossip. Needless to say, it was one of those things; I didn't really want to know about

With my first piercing, I took my piercing nut friend with me. It calmed my nerves, with this one; I was all alone. I was nervous. Excited but nervous.

It didn't help that my friend S. said that getting your eyebrow hurts like a jerk.

It also didn't help that as I was walking from where I parked to the studio that my friend's "girlfriend" called, and told me that again, he said it really hurts. My level went from nervous, to panic stricken.

I went for my appointment, was at 12:30 p.m. I sat down, and started to look through all the books. Seeing all the happy pierced people. Getting more and more nervous as I kept looking at the clock.

15 minutes went by.

25 minutes went by...

30 minutes went by.

The piercer comes out, explains has almost ready for the stabbing.

I told myself to breathe; it was just a simple piercing, maybe two. I had nothing to worry about. However, I was still shaking, and my piercer could tell that I was nervous. I told him about my friends, calling me and teasing me, and my fear of needles. (Ironic huh? I'm terrified of needles, yet I like getting pierced. ) He said that it was nothing, and I had nothing to be worried about.

See, my piercer, has done many body mods on himself, ( from which I had heard about the night before) and had many done to him. He's done pretty much everything painful, and eyebrow piercings he assured me, are not that bad. He explained that it would not hurt, and there was nothing to it. So, I put my trust in the piercer. The guy has a needle, what was I supposed to do?

So, he marks me up, and gets the sterile piercing stuff ready to go, I close my eyes, and he stabs the needle through.

RINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG my phone rings. It's my best friend

"Did it hurt???" and she laughs.

"You're a loser, and I've got the needle in my eye right now, can I call you back?"

The piercer laughs.

Ones done, not so bad; however it was a little tender as he tightened the barbell.

The second one was a little more painful, since I was swollen from the first, not painful, and just tender. Kind of felt like tapping on a bruise.

It hurt even more as the second barbell got tightened. I felt a little nauseated. A little light headed, but none the less. Felt great that I had got it done.

Took a look in the mirror, and I loved it.

Since I got them both done at the same time, I had a nice bruise on my eyelid for three weeks. People constantly would poke at my eyelid, and ask

"What's that?"

With the after care ... well, I was ferocious at cleaning it for the first two weeks, but then went away, and kept forgetting. I've had some lymph matter build up, but not as much as I was expecting. Now, I only clean it every 2nd day. After the swelling went down, I touched the piercing, and was slightly creeped out, that I could feel two metal rods under my eyebrow.

A few things I have had to be careful with though, is washing my face, I tend to get caught on the barbell and give it a good tug, when I'm not aware of what I'm doing; and I haven't completely healed, so I have been careful when plucking that eyebrow.

My goal with having two is to get a custom piece of jewelry made, hopefully like my Zodiac, of Leo symbol. Or seeing what else I can come up with.

I'm a little disappointed that it's not the original piercing I wanted. But I think I like it better then I would a horizontal barbell, and am contemplating a horizontal anti eyebrow underneath it.

I love it, and I have the urge to get something else pierced, imp just not sure what. I have found though, that I am really rough on the three piercings I have, and constantly play with them. That's a habit, I am trying to break


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Dec. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: BJ
Studio: soul+survivors
Location: winnipeg

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