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What a day!

My eyebrow came about unexpectedly really. My cousin who was turning 18 wanted a tattoo and wanted someone to go with her and get one as well. She also wanted an eyebrow piercing since the way her hair falls it is undetectable.

We went on her birthday September 11th, got our tattoos, and since she had enough money left over for the both of us to get it done she said "I want to make an appointment to get our eyebrows done." Our artist Skip asked how soon we wanted it done and Becky said "As soon as possible."

Eric the piercer said, "Ok we can do it now." So while he got everything ready Becky and I both got a few butterflies but nothing too bad. After we did just sit through a 45 minute tattoo so we knew that there was really nothing to be nervous about.

Eric came back out and took us both back to the room. It was so nice and sterile everything was perfect and his procedure was by the book. My cousin went first and I watched closely as he did her piercing. It was perfect on her.

So then it was my turn, Eric cleaned and sterilized everything and then I sat in the chair as he marked the spot for it. It was absolutely perfect. I looked straight ahead as he shoved the needle through. The clamps were nothing at all, they weren't uncomfortable or anything like most people say. The only thing I really felt was the stinging sensation when he putting the jewelry in. Other than that the piercing itself did NOT hurt. If you want it go for it!

Aftercare was really, super easy. Eric did stress that washing our hands before touching the piercing and after was really important. He gave us some ointment and told us to put a dab of it on it a few times a day after we washed it. So it has been healing quite nicely and I'm so ready to change my jewelry but I have to wait until Feb since eyebrows take 6 months to heal. So a new eyebrow ring would make a great 20th birthday present! Ha Ha!

Though I didn't experience any pain since I had just sat through a 45 minute tattoo. It was a fun experience and I am hoping to get my lip pierced next. I might go there or there is another place that does piercings so I might check them out. All in all it was one of the best experiences of my life. I didn't have to pay for any of it they were my Samhain and Yule gifts. XD

I highly recommend going to Double Eagle if you live in the Dover-New Philadelphia area. They are excellent people to work with. Skip is super nice and Eric is really cool. The only problem I that they won't do any tattoos from the elbows down on teenagers/people under like 20-21. They have a very relaxed atmosphere and are super friendly people.

My dad's reaction was quite hilarious. He had no idea that I was planning on getting a piercing let alone a tattoo. He was on the phone with my aunt and I walked into his room and he saw my piercing and was like, "ok she has a piercing." I then took off my shirt(I had a tank top on underneath it) and his mouth dropped and he proceeded to shout, "Oh my god! She has a tattoo!" He didn't care at all. He likes my tattoo. I want so many more tattoos and piercings but I'll have to be careful since I will be getting out into the work field soon.

If you have any questions or feel like e-mailing me feel free. I'm not super busy yet so I should be able to answer the e-mails. Thanks for reading and I hope that soon I'll be writing a story about my lip piercing experience. I hope that everyone who reads this and wants one goes for it. You need to be yourself and if having tattoos and piercings is the way then go for it! Just don't get them trying to be cool because ya know what? No one cares anymore! Being yourself is the only thing you can be and that is all you should have to worry about.

Just make sure you go to a clean. sterile place and for the love of Anubis don't do it yourself! Wait until you are of age or until your parents give in. Giving yourself an infection is so totally not worth it. Waiting won't kill you who knows by the time you are of age you can be really sure that you want the piercing still.

Good Luck and Happy Piercing!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Eric
Studio: Double+Eagle
Location: Dover%2C+Ohio

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