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"shit man!!" my bridge piercing

I'd been itching to get another piercing almost straight away after I'd had my septum pierced, but I couldn't decide on what to get, so I thought I'd leave it a few weeks until I had made up my mind for certain. I was thinking about the next mod I wanted to get. Seeing as how facial jewellry is my favourite thing, I wanted something else on my face.

I spoke to a lot of my friends, some with bridge piercings and some without, but I couldn't decide whether to get a bridge piercing, or another lip piercing. I was really finding it hard to choose!

After thinking carefully about it, I eventually settled on my bridge.

I'd told my friends that on the last day of school, I was going to get it done, and asked who wanted to come with me, and my good friend Rosie said she would come.

She was really excited about watching me get pierced, and I was glad for the company, as I always like having someone there with me, and friends are always better than my mum, who usually takes the piss!

All day at school, I was impatient for the day to end, as I knew that I'd be getting a new piercing, and I was excited about the thought of a new shiny addition to my face!

So, the last bell rang and Rosie and I walked to town, feeling glad that school was finally over, and excited about the big night half of our year had planned. I was pretty nervous, but I knew I'd be fine, having had a load of piercings before.

We walked into the shop, said hello to everyone there, and I asked Tamsin if she's be able to pierce me. My good friend Karl was doing an apprenticeship in the shop at the time, so he came in to the room with Tamsin, me and Rosie to watch me get pierced.

Tamsin had me choose the jewellry and although I wanted a silver bar to match the rest of my facial jewellry, I had to settle for a pale blue, as there were no silver bars left.

Tamsin cleaned my bridge and then marked me up, and got the dots even almost straight away. Karl had asked if he would be able to mark me up, but as Tamsin was way more experienced, she decided it would be best if she did it, as marking is crucial to the look of this particular piercing.

I jumped off the bed and went to have a quick look at the placement. I was totally happy with it, so I sat back down and Tamsin pierced me.

I didn't find it painful, but when the needle came through the second side of the skin, I said "Shit Man!" rather loud, because the sound it made was pretty freaky.

I thanked Tamsin, paid and said goodbye to Karl.

Rosie and I then went our separate ways home, to get ready for the big wreck-up that night, to celebrate the end of school.

On the bus, I was very aware of my piercing, which at the time was feeling very hot, like a burning sensation. I got home, and showed my mum, who wasn't too surprised at the new addition to my face!

The following days were okay, caring for my bridge piercing was easy, I just used a salt water mix like I had done for all my other piercings.

There was a little crust on the piercing in the mornings for the first week or two, but after that it was totally fine.I still clean it every now and then, either with salt water or a little anti septic fluid on a cotton bud, just to keep it looking good and clean.

After a few weeks I went back to the shop to get a silver bar, and changed the jewellry. It was an awfully weird feeling when the bar was sliding through the skin!

I love my bridge piercing, it's definately a talking point. People are always asking me if it goes through the bone in my nose, and sometimes I say yes, just to be funny. I think it's funny as well, when I get people to feel the bar through my nose, they get really freaked out by it!

I'd say to anyone thinking about a bridge piercing that they should get it done, as they are really cool piercings to have. Just make sure you get it pierced deep enough so that it wont grow out in a hurry!

My friend Gavin has had his for years now, and it still looks as good as the day he had it done. My piercing hasn't shown any signs of growing out yet, which I am pleased about.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: tamsin
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Location: basingstoke

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