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Eyebrow Date

I've always really loved the appearance of the vertical eyebrow piercing, but have been too afraid of it. Seriously, look at it. That has GOT to hurt, right? Especially for me, because piercers have always told me I have "the perfect eyebrows for piercing", which, with any body part of mine that is "the perfect (insert body part here) for piercing", translates directly into: "This is going to hurt like a mudder fugger. How about a nice long swim in a pool of molten lava to take your mind off of the pain?"

Well, I finally gave in to my admiration of others eyebrow piercings and decided I'd go through with it. I read stories here at BME and some in the Pierced group at Suicide Girls and the stories varied, but I mostly gathered that it isn't nearly as painful as it looks. So on a Wednesday morning I decided I was doing it the following Monday, and that was that. I was supposed to be getting the piercing free with the cost of jewelry that Monday, but the lady who was to do the piercing had to call in sick. I was bummed out about that, until I hit it off with the piercer. He has asked that I not use his name, so we'll call him "D". (This is a very professional place, the only with in this area fully certifiable and so incredibly sterile and professional. The lack of name is nothing to do with his place of employment.) First D handed me my paperwork, copied my driver's license, and helped me pick out jewelry. I wanted a curved barbell, but he explained that it wouldn't give me room for swelling and would be harder to clean. Also, it was more expensive than the CBRs, which would give me room for swelling and are easier to clean, and cost about $20.00 less. So I chose a plain, surgical steel CBR, and D took this back to the piercing studio area to send it through the autoclave with the clamps, needle and gloves. Meanwhile the owner went over the aftercare with me, which I pretty much have memorized, but was a but sketchy on how I would get a sea salt soak on my brow, so I was grateful when he told me I could use a compress. I always have plenty of sea salt in my home for various reasons but was running low on Provon (moisturizing medical soap) so he added this to my pack and D came back out and we got to talking while my things were sterilizing. He rang me up and gave me the piercing for free. I'd never mentioned how the other piercer was going to do the same, so I was pleasantly surprised. When he was done, my stuff was ready and I followed him back.

D had me sit on the dentist chair they use and he went a bit nuts making sure he marked me correctly. He took a long time doing this, but that's fine with me, if it means I have a perfect piercing. He kept telling me I have the perfect eyebrows for piercing. I thought that was amusing because I didn't know some people's eyebrows were unsuitable. D had me get up and check where he had marked and I liked it and sat back down. Then D placed the clamps on me but didn't like the placement of the marks he had fussed over for so long, so he washed them off and started over. Finally he got it just right and told me to take a deep breath in, which I expected, and a deep breath out, expected and then he shoved the needle through, from top to bottom. I thought he would have me inhale and exhale twice, so that was a bit shocking. The pain was quick and sharp. It wasn't too bad though. On a scale of 1 – 10 I'd give it a 3 or a 4. Then he put the CBR in, which was a bit tender but not bad. (Jewelry insertion is usually the worst part for me.)

I got up and took a look and loved it. He showed me the disposal of the instruments in the biohazard bin, had me initial papers that I'd witnessed this, then gave me his card and began to stall. He wanted me to call him if it hurt, he wanted me to call him if it didn't hurt, he wanted me to call him if I wanted to know why the sky is blue, he wanted me to call him to accept his dinner invitation. (Awwww!) He gave me his card and I told him I don't need his card to accept his dinner invitation; so we have a dinner date on Wednesday night. Then he walked me out and we continued to talk for about an hour before his next customer came.

I love my piercing. I've managed to bang the handle of my glasses against it six times now, so be careful if you wear glasses and have your brow pierced! I may even have to get a second one next to it once this one is healed enough.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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