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amateur eyebrow piercing in danger zone

Well I had been thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced for a while now but I did not really have the cash at hand!! I do not know what it is like in other countries, but here it is $125 (incl. the jewelry) for any piercing, that would be $62.50 U.S, and the guy who does it is a really good tattoo artist, best in the island, because he is 1 of like 3 professional ones!!! He gets the most business anyway and he deserves it. He is really good.

But I just did not have $125 to blow on a piercing.

So I just procrastinated for a long time, maybe a couple months. Eventually my friend told me that he had pierced a couple of people in the last couple months and charged them a little something for it. So I thought to myself, I'll let –namehere- pierce my eyebrow, why not... and then I decided not to because he is not a 'professional' haha..(What does that even mean any way, that some one is a professional piercer?? Meaning that someone does it for money making it their profession? Hmmm does it mean you have to go through university and get a bachelors degree in fine piercing? Hmmmm )

So I put it off for a little while. Then I started thinking about it again, and decided to go through with it after talking to him for a little while about it.

Now, I live in a small island in the Caribbean, and this guy has the most piercings in the island, population ¼ of a million people. I think he has close to 30...and most of them are gauged. So when he walks down the road or goes ANYWHERE people stop and stare at him because well, that sort of thing is not mainstream culture here, maybe 10 people in the island have gauged earrings in their bodies. He is also in University studying genetics and has got some form of scholarship for excellence in that field, does biology and physics and all that crap that I do not understand so I figure he knows enough about the human anatomy and all that... maybe he does not!!! OH WELL! I still have a hole in my eyebrow none the less.

I decided that I would also stretch my lobes from 8g to 0g while I was there at his house.

So the day came and I went to his house after work, when I say danger zone I mean.. Really. His room is really disgusting, probably the most disgusting place I have ever been in. haha he is a real cool guy but damn.... He does not sleep on his bed because there is too much garbage, books, latex whip (don't ask) chains swords daggers all over it. He sleeps on the floor on some foam,, the floor is covered with animal hair and garbage, he has a fridge in his room which has rotten strawberries smeared on the floor at the base of it with a 'Abuse drugs' sticker on the fridge. Then of course we have got the goat skull above the computer and the walls decorated with dimmu borgir, manson, c.o.f posters, spider webs and stuff like that. Just your regular 19 year old you know?!!!?!??!!? I am also 19 by the way, I have known him since we were 5 and we have done a lot of crap together.

Anyway, he cleared a spot on his bed for me to sit and took a very dirty mirror that was 'taken' from an abandoned hotel somewhere out there and put it on my lap, after choosing the jewelry I wanted from his extensive collection of every gauge from 14g to 9/16" or something, captives, horseshoes, barbells, all sorts of stuff. He took out the needle from its air tight casing that they come in and sterilized it even more, put on his gloves, we marked out where I wanted the piercing.

I was a bit nervous!!! I could hear the metal playing in the background which helped me out a bit hahahah. But whatever, I said to myself that I did not do all of this to leave here without getting poked. I just told him dude just do it real fast real fast dude, he said ... yes man I know I know i am going to do it fast. I said okay and I shut my eyes.

One pop slide tighten okay there you go later it was done, did not hurt one bit.

It kind of felt like if you flick yourself on your arm with your finger.

Stretching the lobes hurts more than piercing the eyebrow, to me at least.

And it is all healthy and nice. Anybody who is thinking about getting it done but afraid of the pain, just get it done it does not hurt :)

Have a good day, and that is all I have to say about that.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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