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14th piercing; The eyebrow!

I had recently gotten the piercing bug, only being 14, but already having 13 piercings, most of them acquired within the last 6 months.

And I wanted more.

I was considering a Spectrum piercing, I thought it looked cute, a bit different. Though the negative out-look from my peers made me re-think my decision, so I thought I'd go for the ever-popular brow piercing.

My mother, even as laid-back as she is, was a bit iffy about it. Constantly saying how it was a 'boy' thing. After a few days of arguing, and negotiation, finally got me my eyebrow piercing. After all, I just showed her a picture of a spectrum piercing and told her I could get that done instead!

It was the last week of the school holidays, so I wanted to get it done before term 4 of year nine started. We were in civic on Thursday, I had to buy a new captive ring for my lip. We went to redpaths to buy it, there jewelry, amazing as it is, is unfortunately frightfully expensive. After paying for my new lip ring, we asked when was the next available appointment to get my brow done. I could of gotten it done that day, but about two hours later, and mum didn't want to spend that much time in the city. We made an appointment for Saturday, noon. Which was lucky because Tim [Had had also pierced my lip once, and my friends nostril] was going on a week long vacation.

I spent most of Friday night plucking my eyebrows -- yes! I was worried I get that gross look that eyebrow piercings give unshaped eyebrows.

We went on about 10 minutes before noon, went down to redpaths, which is also a shoe store, showed my mothers & my ID to the staff, paid $72.95 -- &40 for the piercing, $20 for the jewelry, and $12.95 for the healing solution. He asked if I wanted balls or spikes on the barbell. I said balls.

We then went upstairs, down a long hallways, and into his piercing studio. His studio consists of a small waiting room, with lounges, some magazines, a stereo, a huge full length mirror, and pictures of, i'm guessing, people he's pierced. There's a huge glass door dividing that actual place where he pierces you and the waiting room.

As mum and I came in there where two girls, another one getting pierced, I think it was her ears - lobes or cartilage she was getting pierced, I didn't see it, and what I guessed was their mother. I remembered he didn't allow 'outsiders' into the studio, for health reasons.

He asked if Mum and I could just wait while he did the other girls ears. Unfortunately mum had to use the bathroom -- now. She asked if she could just run down to use the public bathrooms in the city. He said sure, and off she went.

After a few minutes he came out, gave me the usual form to fill out, asking if I had eaten in the last few hours, if I had and blood disorders, etc etc. I filled it out, then waited for mum, who still hadn't come back yet to sign.

I thing the girl who was getting her ears done was feeling faint, because he came out and asked her mother if she had any lollies or sugary treats for her. After a few more moments, the girl came out, looking a bit pale, but happy with her new piercings, and left. Mum STILL hadn't come back yet. I was getting worried he would tell me to come-back later or something, in case he was running late.

Mum still wouldn't show, so he just asked if she would mind if he did it and she signed when she came back. I said sure, because I don't really think she would mind.

I went into his some-what familiar studio; It was very clean, he was laying out fresh tools on a small table, and changing his gloves. He was going to mark where it he would pierce it. He told me too look at the glass door and keep my head straight. He marked with a violet pen, and told me to go look in the full length mirror he had in the hospital like studio. It was a bit higher than I would of liked, but I didn't bother me that much. I told him everything was fine and he told me to lie down his dentist look-alike recliner chair.

We made small talk while he was preparing the clamps and cleaning my brow, talking about how terrible piercing guns were. Once he had the clamps secure, he told me to close my eyes. I didn't want to see the needle, so I did as told. As he was just about to push the needle in, he told me to take a big breath in. I did, and I felt the needle go through. I did hurt, a little pinch, perhaps, but nothing that wouldn't want me to get it done again. He then told me to take another breath once he was about to pull out the needle, the jewelry would be pushed in the other side has the needle came out. I felt the bar go in, it didn't hurt at all either. He tightened the balls, but told me to still lie down as he cleaned around the new piercing. he held a swab to my brow for about thirty seconds, cleaning up any blood. Once he cleaned it up he told me to go have a look in the mirror, I did. I noticed it was a little swollen, but I already loved it!

Mum STILL wasn't back! And he was obviously preparing for another appointment, so he just got me signed to the papers! This didn't bother me at all, after all my mum already signed two sets of papers there for the times I got my lip done. He trusted me.

Finally I found mum, she didn't really acknowledge my new piercing, and we made our way home. On the drive home I couldn't stop looking at in the side-view mirror. It was starting to bruise, though. I wasn't too worried, I read this was suppose to happen. When we were home I cleaned it again and kept a cold wash-cloth on my forehead -- not because the piercing hurt, it was just very warm weather and I was worried what would happen if I sweated; Then it would hurt!

For the next few days everything went well, I cleaned it every morning & every time before bed with the cleaning gel. Although I occasionally bumped it pushing my fringe out of the way, or my friends pulling my hat down over my eyes. After about a week it did get a little infected, I guess because I kept bumping it so much. Nothing serious, of course, just a little tried blood & scabbing. I cleaned it twice a day with the cleaning gel I got when I got it pierced. It healed up fine within two days.

This a virtually painless piercing & very easy to care for. I suggest anyone thinking about getting one go for it!

And if you're ever down in Canberra, check out red-paths! They have excellent jewelry, and excellent piercers! And the shoes aren't half bad either. But its defiantly not a poor mans paradise. Sorry folks!


submitted by: condom.kandy
on: 22 Nov. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Tim
Studio: Steel+Demons%2FRedpaths
Location: Canberra%2C+Austraila.

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