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sugar we're going down... down to the piercing shop

Like everyone else on here I am a lover of piercings. My parents on the other hand weren't so thrilled with the idea. being only 13 at the time, I had to beg my parents to let me get my eyebrow pierced. It was the one thing i really really wanted. My mom was a lot easier to convince than my dad was. Eventually I talked both of them into it.

Since I was under age, my local tattoo shop wouldn't do it. Luckily my dad was friends with the guy then owns' it. They made a deal that they would do it, but I would have to come in after hours. I had to wait for two days to get it done. I was devastated.

I was so excited the next few days I could barely stand it. Finally my time had come. It was a warm summer night when I walked in the door from being at a friends house. My dad hollered out from the computer room for me to get ready. I was confused because I had other things on my mind and completely forgot that it was the night. It only took me 15 minutes to shower and get completely ready to leave. Before we left the house my mom asked me if I was sure that it was what I wanted and I just smiled and said that I wouldn't have begged if I didn't want it.

My legs were numb with adrenalin when I hopped into our Expedition. I live 15 minutes out of town so i had sometime to change my mind if i needed to. The long ride just made it worse.I was light headed and my stomach was sick with excitement and nervousness.

Previously in the summer on July 4th, I was with my best friend, Allison, at a party. At that party I met some of the coolest people i will ever meet, and the song "Sugar Were Going Down" played over and over. That song always made me think of how much fun I had and the friends that were there to support me. That song came on the radio when we were about 5 miles out of town. It settled my nerves and calmed be down.

When we rolled up to the tattoo shop it was around 7:30 or 7:45 p.m. and starting to get dark. I was totally ready. I told myself I cant back out and look like a pansy so I went with it. We walked down stairs to the "secret" door. I was the first person in. While the lady was setting up my parents and I wandered around checking out the tattoos and art on the walls. It was amazing. My dad even considered getting a tattoo. He was to afraid to pull through on that though.

My dad paid the lady and she took me to the back. She brought me over to these small containers and asked me to pick out a ring. The ring I chose was 16 gauge surgical steel and had a blue jewel in the capture bead.

I sat in this dental chair thing and she asked me which side I wanted it on. At this point my mom was about to have a heart attack. I asked her to do it on my left side since that is where I part my hair so it would be easier to see. She showed me all of the equipment and was explaining the process while my mother was chattering her teeth and half running half walking to the opposite end of the room.

The clamps slipped into place very nicely and worked well. She told me to breath in and stuck the needle through. I could feel the cold metal slide through my skin and poke out the other side. I was expecting the worst but it didn't hurt at all. It took her a minute to put in the jewelry but everything was all good once the bead was secure. My pupils were slightly different so she had me sit down for a few minutes so my body could handle the shock. I got up and shook their hands, thanked them, and told them that I would be back for more.

Immediately after leaving the shop my parents took my over to my friends' house. She came outside and nearly wet her pants she was so excited. I think she was more excited than I was. After we left there we went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream and my uncle met us there. He was surprised, but the look on his face was priceless.

The rest of my family was full of mixed emotions toward my new metal. Eventually all of them learned to love it and now some of my cousins have piercings too. Since I am an only child I have to act out once in a while. I now have my belly button pierced and a few of my own scarifications. I would recommend an eyebrow piercing to anyone. Have it done professionally and keep it clean. HAPPY PIERCING!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: a+lady+at+the+peircing+shop
Studio: silver+eagle
Location: Iowa+u.s.a.

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