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My First Piercing...other than ears.

 Almost 3 years ago, on my 16th birthday, my mom took me to get my eyebrow pierced at Icon. I was ridiculously nervous, as it was my first piercing other than my ears, and I thought it was going to be extremely painful. I am a wuss though, my ears teared up before I even got there. Haha. I don't think I had ever been more nervous in my life, I can remember very well the tingling feeling in my stomach as we left our house, I now understand the meaning of "butterflies in my stomach".

Well, when we got there, I was already shaking...partly because I had wanted it for so long, but more because I was scared to death. We walked through the front door and up to the counter, where we had to fill out a form stating my basic information and sign a consent form saying that I was not under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. I handed them my mom's license and then mine to verify who I was and that I was of age, and then we picked out my jewelry. I chose a simple silver, 16-gauge curved barbell, and then they took me into the back into another room. I sat on a bed type thing, kind of like the one's at a doctor's office, and I waited for the person who was going to do my piercing to come in. No more than a few minutes, he was there and he introduced himself to me, his name was Seth, and then he reassured me that everything was sterile and showed me all the tools he would be using. Seth then asked me where I wanted my eyebrow ring to be located at, I chose my right one and chose a spot that I thought looked nice and he drew two dots on my eyebrow and lined them up perfectly to make sure he had it precisely in the right place. The actual lining up of the dots and measuring the length of the barbell needed took about ten or fifteen minutes. He didn't rush himself or anything and he made sure he had everything right before he proceeded, of which I am very grateful. He then asked me if it was alright, I nodded yes, and he said "Let's pierce it."

Seth grabbed an unopened needle and opened it. He then told me to take a deep breath, and as I exhaled, he pushed the needle through. I didn't feel anything at all, until the needle came out at the bottom, because I felt the cold needle touch the skin above my eye. I asked what it was he was doing and if he was going to pierce it already and he said he was already done, all he had to do was put the barbell through. I was shocked, I hadn't felt anything, seriously. He then put the jewelry in, and then I felt something, it hurt just a little bit as he tightened the ball onto the barbell. Then he said, "Alright, you're all done." I looked in a mirror in the room, and was pleasantly surprised. The whole piercing process was actually extremely quick, to me at least, I think he was done in a matter or seconds. I walked out of the room and back to the counter to pay for my newly added facial decoration. The price was more than he average price in our area, but Icon's has the best reputation around and has been voted best studio for the past few years in a row. I paid $55.00 for the piercing and the jewelry, but it was well worth it.

After I paid, Seth came out and handed me a pamphlet of how to keep it clean. He told me to get saline solution and clean it twice a day for the next four to six weeks and to call or come back in if anything happens to it at all that I don't understand. He then said do not use peroxide, because it prevents healing and dries out the tissue. To be perfectly honest, getting my ears pierced hurt more than my eyebrow. The only time it ever hurt enough to notice was when something bumped it, and when that happened it bled a small bit. For the first two weeks afterward, I had a small amount of discharge gathering around the balls, but Seth said that was absolutely normal. Four weeks later, I changed my eyebrow ring, and it was completely healed, and there was no pain at all whatsoever. Keep in mind, that I am an extreme sissy. I have the worst pain threshold. Now that I have had my eyebrow pierced for almost 3 years, I can't imagine myself without it. I love my eyebrow piercing, and I would recommend anyone who is interested in getting their's done to get it, it is well worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Oct. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Seth
Studio: Icon
Location: Murfreesboro%2C+Tennessee

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