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My First Real Piercing

OKay, so about a year and a half ago I decided I wanted to get my eyebrow pierced. Well, I talked to my mom about the whole thing and of course she said NO!!! Well, I just asked her every once in awhile and then finally she said YES!!! I was so excited I couldn't wait! So the day she said yes I made her take me to the piercing place! Well on my way there I was getting scared! I was shaking so hard I couldn't stop.

When we finally got there my mom was filling out all the paper work, since I was only 14 years old. When she was finished I had to pick what eyebrow I wanted pierced and what size of eyebrow ring I wanted. Well, I picked out that stuff and I was calmed down when they sad me in the chair.

They took a marker and were getting ready to mark me and my mom just up and leaves!!! So I'm sitting there with two guys and myself in this room. So they put the first marks on my eyebrow and I tell them its too far away and so they make new marks. Finally after three tries to mark where I want my eyebrow pierced I agree to a spot. So I'm sitting in the chair just waiting. I see Jeremy go get into a draw and the next thing I know he pulls out the needle he is going to pierce me with. It was the first time I had ever seen a hollow needle. I was scared and I almost got up and left...My mom told me just to go through with the piercing because I had wanted it for the longest time and it wasn't the right time for me to chicken out.

So I sit there and wait and wait. Finally, they are ready to pierce me. I was the moment of me getting my first real piercing! I was happy and scared at the same time! I just sat there and thought to myself it is going to be worth it in the long run! So he cleans around my eyebrow and asks me are you ready. I say yes ,of course, so he tells me to close my eyes. I'm mad at that because I really wanted to watch them pierce my eyebrow.

So my eyes are shut and I'm just thinking oh my gosh it is going to hurt! The next thing I know he tells me he is going to count to three and on three he will put the needle through. So he's counting one.....two....three....The next thing I know he tells me to open my eyes and I look to see my eyebrow is pierced. Well when he was counting I noticed that on two he put the needle through and on three he put the eyebrow ring in. So it all works out so you aren't really think it.

So afterwards when I was taking care of the eyebrow it wasn't that hard. You just made sure it was cleaned and etc. The thing that hurt the most was when you caught it on something and it pulled. I cried a couple times because it hurt so bad. The thing not to do is go get your hair cut two days after you get your eyebrow pierced. You are bound to get it caught some way. So after like a week it was not as bad but it still hurt a lot. You will get used to having a piece of metal in your eyebrow after a while. You might have thoughts of wanting to take it out after its completely healed but don't do it! Its not worth the pain if you end up taking it out! Getting a piercing is serious. Think it through all the way.

I have never regretted getting my eyebrow pierced! In total right now I have 9 piercings. I have my navel pierced which is another story. But I have learned piercings are something that set you away from everyone else. It shows you are your own person. Yes, I've been told that my piercings are trashy. who cares what people think it's you that has to live with it, not them. I was the first girl to get my eyebrow pierced in my town and now there is over 30 girls with their eyebrow pierced. Sometimes people don't get certain things pierced just because everyone else has it. Who cares yet again, be yourself thats all you can do.

So I just hope reading through this has helped at least someone decide to get their eyebrow pierced or not. I think in the long run it's all worth it no matter what happens. So just make the right decision for yourself and no one else.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Tatmandu
Location: walla+walla+washington

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