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I think I am in love with my face...

As long as I have seen piercings, I have wanted my eyebrow pierced. I think it looks so.. I don't know, it looks amazing, and I always envisioned myself with one. So, last Thursday, almost a week ago, I finally decided to get one.

As I said in my other story, I could never do any of these things when I was living at home and especially when I was under 18. So now that I am older, I have decided to take my life into my own hands with these matters, and get it done. My grandmother, whom I live with, hates this side of me and thinks that I got pierced to "spite her". I just like it a lot.

I had a really good friend in high school that liked piercing a lot. He pierced himself all of the time, including a madison, tongue... this was Jason. He was the nicest kid I have ever met, but I was nervous to get pierced by someone who wasn't professional. So after high school, he decided to find an apprenticeship. I knew this, but I hadn't heard from him in a very long time, so I was really excited to find out from a friend that he had finished the apprenticeship and was now a professional.

I waited still, and decided that this month would be the month. Oddly enough, I got in touch with my friend Ashlee (who was also friends with Jason) and we decided to go together to the parlor. She was going to get her tongue pierced. Her mother was not pleased (in an amusing way) and decided to drive us there.

We stopped for soda on the way, in case anyone got woozy, and I could feel myself getting nervous. I have never been pierced with a needle before, let alone on my face. I was pretty uptight, though I tried really hard not to show it.

We got there around 7:15, 7:30, and we chatted with Jason for a bit, gave him hugs, etc. he gave us the papers to fill out, and then pointed us to the back room where the chair was. He went off to wash his hands and came in and started setting up. Ashlee made me go first, so I, being my brave self, sat on the chair and prepared. Jason got out all the needed materials from the cabinet... 16g curved barbell, needle, cork, clamps, marker. He marked me up, and proceeded to put the clamps on. I just kept sipping my iced tea. he explained to Ashlee's mom how they cleaned all their equipment and how the needles and corks are naturally thrown away. She seemed pleased with the explanation.

Here is was. He lined up the clamps and then whipped out the needle. He told me to breath in and then breath out slowly, so I did, and Holy Crow! I felt it go through and it smarted, that's for sure. It felt really weird when the needle went through. He slipped the barbell through, and then he removed the clamps. It suddenly stopped hurting. I thought to myself, "they were right, the clamps do hurt the most..." He screwed the bead on the end, and we were done, no bleeding or anything. It really wasn't so bad.

He cleaned everything up and set up for Ashlee. I stood and explained to her mom how they follow the needle through, etc., and Jason agreed that I was correct. (Yes, reading on BME!) As soon as she was done (and we were done taking pictures on our crappy camera phones) We went out and Jason gave us both aftercare sheets and talked to us about it. We paid (I also picked up a bottle of H2Ocean, man I love this stuff) and we tipped and thanked him. We chatted awhile, and he gave me some tips on stretching which was nice, and said our goodbyes and headed out.

All in all, it was a great experience. My grandmother hates it, but that's ok, I love it. I have never been more pleased with my face.

It bled a little the evening after, but since then, I have had no problems except the occasional wierd feeling of it moving around. Aftercare has been easy w/ the H2ocean, all you do is spray it on and let it soak in. Jason did a wonderful job, and I will definately be returning to him next time. Plus, their prices were good.

At any rate, don't be afraid to get a facial piercing. First of all, they are less intrusive than you think, and second, they look fantastic. I love my eyebrow, and I am proud to have gotten it done. This is the gateway for me, to so much more that I can explore.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Sept. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jason+B
Studio: Lasting+Image+Tattoo
Location: Mt.+Penn+PA

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