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Getting Matching Eyebrow Piercing With My Boyfriend

It has been a hard time financially right now.  I thought I was going to have to wait to get more modifications, because we were barely making it with the necessities.  Then about a week ago, my mom decided to surprise my boyfriend and me by giving us just enough money for us both to get matching piercings.  This gesture meant a lot to me, because my mom was not a big fan of all my jewelry and she knew how much I loved it.

I was hesitate on spending the money on a new piercing when we were strapped on cash, but my mom was insistent saying she wanted me to a break from all the trouble and get something that I would enjoy.  After talking with Josh and seeing if we should get new a piercing he agreed.

After deciding we were going to get a piercing, we had to decided where at.  I had recently talked to a friend online about getting the same piercing as a friend.  I have gotten pierced at the same time as a friend, but never in the same place and thought it would be neat to do that.  Josh is picky on getting pierced and has to think about it for days before deciding and the only piercing that he knew he wanted prior to this day was his eyebrow.  He had three in a row pierced before and had to take them out, this would be his second one getting pierced again.  Anyways, Josh suggested we get matching eyebrow piercings and I agreed because I had planned on getting a third one on my left eyebrow anyways.

My mom gave us the money (she did not want to go with us) and off we went to Evolution.  When we got there we talked to our roommate Jake (who is an apprentice there) and filled out the paperwork while we waited on Jeremy to get done with what he was doing.

When Jeremy was ready, Josh and I followed him to the back room.  Josh stood in the doorway, so I figured he wanted me to go first, so I took a seat on the doctor bed like thing.  Jeremy talked with us and marked my eyebrow a few times then told me to check out the placement.  Everyone seemed satisfied with it but me; I thought the bottom mark was to close to the second piercing, so I asked him to remark it.  I sat down on the bed and he wiped off the marks and marked me up again, I was satisfied with it when I looked at it and told him so.

After I was marked up, I laid down on the bed.  Jeremy got the clamps and put them on my eyebrow.  The clamps hurt really badly like a burning, pinching sensation on my eyebrow.  Jeremy had some trouble getting them positioned and had to take them off and remark me, because the marks were to close to my other eyebrow and he could not get the clamps on with the other jewelry in the way.  After he remarked me, he tried to clamp me again.  After a few tries of remarking me and repositioning the clamps, I could tell he was getting frustrated.  My eyebrow was stinging bad with the clamps and every time the tip of the pen marked me I felt like he was shoving a needle a little way in.

After about the fifth time marking and clamping me, Jeremy was ready to shove the needle in.  He told me to take a deep breath and he pushed the needle in about halfway then stopped.  He had to take the needle out before he finished because it was not going in straight.  Jeremy let me rest for a few minutes then he told me what the problem was.  I kept closing my eyes really tight and moving my head and every time I did that the clamps would move and when the needle was going in it got thrown off.  He carefully marked me again and asked me if I was ready.  He told me to relax my face and I tried my best.  Jake was in the room watching and he started telling jokes which helped me relax, which was really hard because the pain was barely tolerable.  Jeremy was fast this time, as soon as he got the clamps on he pushed the needle all the way through and pulled off the clamps.  The needle sliding through burnt a lot and it took all my energy not to move my face.

After the needle was through, Jeremy quickly put in the jewelry and popped on the ball.  I lay on the table for a few minutes, and then sat up.  I was really dizzy.  Jeremy cleaned off the little bit of blood that was on me and I told him I thought that my middle eyebrow ring was infected and that was why the clamps hurt so much.  I apologized for moving so much and he said it was no big deal and apologized for taking so long to get me pierced.  He told me that next time I should tell him if I suspected something being infected, that it was not a big deal he just did not want to hurt me.

It was about 20 minutes after I stepped into the room, maybe more, that I stood up and walked over to the mirror to check out my new jewelry.  Jake, Jeremy, and Josh all checked me out and loved the placement.  I loved the placement to, it seemed a perfect distance from the second as the first and second were from each other.

Jeremy sat up the table for Josh and he sat down to get pierced.  Jeremy had an easy time with him and Josh said it barely hurt.  After they were done, we hung in the back chatting while Jake cleaned up.  After he was done, we headed to the front and paid Jeremy.

We hung around the shop; until Jake got off work then we headed home.  I noticed a bruise starting between my new piercing and the middle eyebrow.  It hurt at first, but now a week later it does not hurt, but it is still visible.

I love my new eyebrow ring; it is at a great distance.  I cannot wait until my barbells come in the mail so I can change it.  I always cannot wait until the bruise goes away, you can still see it, but not as vivid.

For cleaning I have been using Dial and Sea Salt twice a day, when I wake up and before bed.  It is moving fine and feels like it is healing just fine.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me and thanks for reading my experience.   Good luck if you want an eyebrow piercing, do not worry about the pain too much, mine only hurt so much because it was infected and also not everyone has the pain tolerance.  This piercing looks good on girls and guys.

Well, Happy Piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jeremy
Studio: Evolution
Location: Lower+Indiana

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