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Piercings aren't meant to be forever but some things your body just refuses to let go of.

One night while I was working as a baker, I got called by another store because their baker was sick or something to that effect and they asked me to pull a double shift. I was like yeah ugh no thanks I was tired and wanted to go home. They made a deal with my friend Carley and I to pay us cash if were we're willing to split the bake and get it done in time. We had also gotten paid that day as well so Carley and I were both exhausted, me from working all night, she was hung over but we pulled it off. So of course were both wide awake after consuming copious amounts of coffee and decided to hang out for a while. The money was burning a hole in my pocket and after buying a shirt that I wanted I decided out of no where that I was going to get a piercing that very morning.

Although it was too early to see Tim he didn't open until 11:00am and it was only 10 o'clock at this point. So I asked Carley what she thought I should get. She just looked at me and said well it's up to you. I was thinking about getting my eyebrow pierced but wasn't sure about the pain. So Carley who was my most tattooed and pierced friend at that time thought that it would look good on me and to go for it. I was concerned about the pain and told her so. She looked at me with the most stunned look on her face and said "what the hell is a matter with you? You have your tongue pierced and your nose, not to mention your ears and you're worried about your eyebrow?" Which I retorted with yeah and? I said neither one of those hurt really badly and I hate pain.

Next thing I know she reached out and grabbed my eyebrow between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a squeeze. "You bitch! That hurt! What the hell did you do that for?" Than she asked how does it feel now? The pain had subsided quite quickly and I told her I was fine. "That's exactly how it feels Steph now let's go." I thought to myself well that's not so bad I can deal with that. I was hoping that she was right but considering that she had one of her own and wasn't likely to lie to me about the pain I put my faith in her opinion and walked the 12 blocks to see Tim. Thankfully Tim wasn't busy and was able to take me in right away. After commenting on my new porn star shirt saying that since that was my side job my piercing would be 3 times as much. I love Tim's sarcasm; it takes the edge off for me.

So Tim got everything ready and laid out all of his supplies and the tools that he would need all tucked away in their sterile packages and asked what side I wanted it done on. I have this thing about symmetry and I figured since my nose was on the right I would get my eyebrow pierced on the left. Carley was there with me and asked me if I wanted her to hold my hand. That earned her a punch in the arm, Tim told us that it was too early in the morning for a boxing match and his studio is too small for that and to take it outside after he was done piercing me so he could watch the girl fight. I pulled up a chair and sat with my left side towards him and Tim made sure I was okay with the placement and placed the clamps on and gave me the standard run down in what I refer to as his nice guy voice.

The clamps didn't hurt to bad and I was told not to move and to keep my eye closed just in case he nicked a vein. On the 1, 2, 3 count the needle was in and to be honest it did feel exactly like Carley had demonstrated to me before we arrived. Tim put in a 14g ½" CBR affixed the bead and viola I had a brand new sparkly eyebrow piercing. I will admit that seeing it in my peripheral vision for the first two days was a bit annoying but that does eventually go away. Tim gave me the aftercare spiel told me to take an aftercare sheet home and to feel free to call him if I had any problems. So I thanked Tim, gave him my 30.00 dollars and went home to try and get some much needed sleep. That was interesting since I prefer to sleep on my stomach with my head facing to the right so that meant that my left side is mashed into my pillow. I very carefully moved the CBR so that it was lying on its side and not protruding from my face and I was able to sleep quite comfortably.

Over the course of the next few days I had a little bit of lymph discharge but aside from that and the occasional banging that it got it was fine. It healed up really nice with no problems at all. Months went by and I had changed the jewelry a few times and screwing the balls onto the barbell proved to be hazardous to my bank account since I kept losing them and had to keep buying new ones. I preferred the barbells to a CBR and after losing a ton of balls and not being able to get a CBR in because I couldn't properly affix the bead and with Tim being in another city I couldn't go run and see him to fix it all that easily either I retired it. Or at least I thought that it was retired...

I noticed one afternoon after I was grooming my eyebrows that the holes were still there. Not all that noticeable but I thought well maybe I can get it back in. I figured not since it had been such a long time after having removed it I assumed that it had long since closed and that was that. So I took one of my old curved barbells out regardless of the missing end and tried to get it in. At first there was a lot of resistance and I thought well if I have to shove it in and case myself pain than I won't bother with it. So I removed the barbell from the top and discovered that I could get it in the bottom hole too so it wasn't completely closed. Turns out that lymph and dead skin cells and possibly soap had built up in my piercing which was what had kept it open. So I pushed out all the buildup out of my eyebrow that didn't smell too pleasant since it had been sitting there for all of this time and it stung a little bit but other wise it was fine after about 5 minutes.

That was about 5 years ago and needless to say I still have my eyebrow piercing. I don't always wear jewelry in it. On occasion if I feel like having it in I will. I wear it so rarely that most people think that it's new. I consider it to be semi-retired because the holes will likely never close on their own. Lucky for me I have since mastered screwing on ends to barbells and such but my eyebrow is still tricky at times because it moves from side to side and it's hard to keep it straight to align the threads. It's the only piercing I have had for such a short period of time that simply will not go away. I take this a sign that I'm obviously meant to have this piercing for some reason or another weather I want to keep the sucker or not. My sister wasn't so lucky her's migrated out after a few months and even Jeff warns people that sometimes eyebrows are more prone to migration than other piercings. Than there's mine, I guess it's exceptional and special in it's own way.

So now when I wear my eyebrow piercing and people ask me if that hurt, I just reach out and grab their eyebrow and give them a squeeze and ask them the very same question.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Tim+Karn
Studio: The+Exotic+Skin+Shop
Location: Kitchener%2CON+Canada

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