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My entrance into the mod community

 I want to briefly explain why I personally choose to have body modifications. I appear to be the innocent good girl that gets good grades and all that junk.  However, I have struggled with trying to show who I truly am inside on the outside.  Body modification is becoming a way for me to be myself and stop conforming to what people expect of me.

But enough of that, I have wanted my eyebrow pierced for years but not badly enough to bug my parents. When I turned 18, I badly wanted a tattoo or piercing to celebrate the occasion, but my parents are strict and adamantly refused to let me get anything until I was out of the house. So I put it out of my mind, though reluctantly. Shortly after graduation my friend got her eyebrow pierced, and it rekindled the desire in me like never before. I had to have my eyebrow pierced.

One Monday afternoon in early July, two of my friends call me up and ask if I want to go to T-Doggs because they wanted to get pierced. I agreed and thought this would be the perfect time to get my eyebrow done. On my way out the door, I warned my mother that I might come home with my eyebrow pierced, and she told me that she could not stop me. By the way, this would be my first "real" piercing. I have had 5 holes put in my ears by piercing guns (I was young and did not know any better), but I do not count those.

When we walked into the place, I was still undecided about whether I should get my piercing. My friends and JD, the wonderful piercer, quickly talked me into; I give into peer pressure rather easily. The place was bright and clean, posters and pictures of tattoos they had done covered the walls. A side note: I had already been to T-Doggs before being pierced with friends, so I knew the place was very clean and that the people were friendly. I highly suggest checking out places before you actually get something done. Anyway, I signed the necessary paperwork, and they photocopied my ID (no one under 16 is even allowed in, parental consent or not). I then paid the $25, which I though was pretty cheap. My friends had to wait awhile because their things were still being sterilized, but everything needed for me was ready. So away I went.

JD led me to his booth, and I sat while he washed his hands and got out all the packages. I was extremely nervous; my stomach was twisting and turning the whole time. He put on gloves, took everything out of the packages, and set the needle in lubricant. He then wiped off my eyebrow and marked it with the infamous purple marker. I checked the placement and gave him the go ahead. He grabbed the clamps, and I shut my eyes because I did not want to watch. I was so nervous and almost told him to stop, that I did not want to go through with it, but I stayed quiet. He put the clamps on and told me take some deep breaths. He then told me that I should inhale while he counted to three, and I did so. Then he said to exhale, and as I did, he pierced me. It did not hurt at all. I was somewhat disappointed but mostly relieved because I had a imagined a pain far worse than what I experienced. I felt the sting of the needle, but that was it. I did not even feel him put the jewelry in, and I am so grateful tha t JD is an expert with CBRs and did not have to fiddle with the ball (I was pierced with a 16 gauge CBR). I was done.

I looked at it in the mirror, and I loved it! JD went over aftercare and cleaning instructions and handed me a sheet with the same information. I tipped him and went on my merry way.

The reactions at home were mixed: my father HATED it, my sister made fun of it, and my mother was somewhat pleased with it. My father eventually warmed up to it. Every time my sister talked to me she looked at the ring instead of my eyes. I cleaned it vigilantly with Dial soap and soaked it with saline every once in a while. After about two or three weeks I adopted the leave-it-alone policy, though I still used saline or dial once a day.

It has now been about a month, and it is doing great. I have not had any bad experiences with it, and it is healing very nicely. I am so happy I got it; I feel like it is a great start to my goal of showing my real self.

Anyone that is considering this piercing, GO...NOW!!! It is virtually painless, and the end result is beautiful. I also highly recommend JD and T-Doggs if you are ever in the St. Louis area and need a piercing. I personally do not know about their tattoos, but the piercings are absolutely wonderful. The place is very clean and sanitary, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. JD did not talk all that much, but he made me feel very comfortable (well, as comfortable as you can be getting a needle shoved through your skin).

I am now addicted and have a huge list of other mods that I want done. So got out there and get pierced!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Aug. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: JD
Studio: T-Doggs
Location: St.+Louis%2C+Missouri

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