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second eyebrow piercing

Well I've had a 16g (1.2mm) curved barbell in my left eyebrow for a bout 3 or 4 months now and I've not really had any problems with it except school moaning at me to take it out, which got me a few free days off thanks to their pathetic anti-self-expressionism rules than ban all piercings except earlobes (one small stud) and any form of 'extreme' hair style. This was quickly resolved by a clear barbell at first, then a very long fringe, although they're not too pleased with my new Mohican

I've wanted a second piercing in my eyebrow for quite a while now, just next to my other one, and I had £20 burning a hole in my pocket, and no parents to tell me what I can and can't spend it on, or even to tell me off for getting it done. So, I battled my way through the pierced and spiky crowds (beautiful people) of Affleck's Palace and finally reached Skinvasion, which is where I have all my piercings done.  

I went with a brand new friend that I'd just met called Ben. He's gay as the day is long, but being bi, I find that no problem. He has a jewelled labret bar in the middle of his bottom lip which looks rather funky.

Anyway, as usual, I filled in the forms and handed over my £20, and then (I don't know the dude's name, let's just call him Dave for the purpose of this article) Dave too me into the small, sterile smelling room at the back of the shop and told me to sit on the bench, as usual. He's a really friendly, chatty guy, a bit mental, but he's really good if you're nervous because he really takes your mind off it. But, as it was my seventh piercing, I wasn't really nervous at all.

He cleaned my eyebrow up with one of them tiny alcohol wipe things and then put the purple dots on my eyebrow where the holes would be and asked me if I was happy with the position. It was quite close and I wasn't to sure but I figured it would be the best when I thought about it.  

He said I'd probably be better with a straight bar on the second one, but I don't like them and I think they look a little silly so being my usual stubborn self, I said I'd prefer a curved bar so he just said: 'Fine, have it your way, I don't care!' and then just laughed which cheered me up a little, as I was having a pretty bad day.  

He put the clamp on my eyebrow and it pulled at the other piercing, which hurt a little bit and he told me that piercing it might hurt quite a bit because the other piercing wasn't quite healed properly.  

He told me to keep my eyebrows as straight as I could and then started to push the needle through and it hurt like hell so I sat on the bench shouting profanities, as usual. He then cut the needle and pulled the bar through, which hurt a little, but not too bad. He showed me in the mirror and I liked it, but I'm a perfectionist so I was a little doubtful. 

Anyway, I bade the crew of Skinvasion farewell and mooched around town for the rest of the day.  

When I got home, I cleaned it up with system 2000 alcohol cleansing solution stuff from Harvey's, a jewellers shop in Middleton, which is good stuff, and really cheap at a quid a bottle, which lasts for ages. 

It hasn't given me any trouble so far except when I was having my Mohican shaved, I think my friend caught the bar with he clippers and so started to bleed a little bit, but I wasn't really bothered as most relatively new piercings do after a couple of days. 

It took me a few days to get used to my new piercing, and my cousin just moaned at me for 'wasting' my money on what he describes as crap but I don't think any piercing or modification is a waste of money unless you don't like it and end up taking it out. This is one thing I plan not to do as now that I've had it for a bit, I really like it, and plus I no longer have hair on the sides of my head so it and all my other piercings that were previously covered by my hair can be seen by all, especially teachers at school which is rather funny as they can't do anything about it. 

If anyone is thinking of getting it done, I would strongly recommend it, as it does look awesome once you get used to it.  

=] jm


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: never+caught+his+name
Studio: Skinvasion
Location: manchester%2C+england

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