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the one I knew I had to have

One night I was out with my boyfriend at a local pub and while chatting amongst friends I noticed this girl walk past. I automatically checked her out and noticed she had piercings. Not just any piercing, but an anti-eyebrow. This was the first time I'd seen one in the flesh and I loved it immediately. I got talking to her about it and asked her where she got it done and how painful it was, I was very pleased to here she got it done at a local studio and that it was relatively painless. I knew straight away that I had to have it. I have had surface piercings before and they had always rejected but I was determined to have this anti eyebrow piercing and even if it meant only keeping it a few months, I wanted it.

As always I came on BME and looked at some pictures and read every experience I could. They all looked perfect and all the reviews I read sounded good to me. The only thing I worried about was the bruising and rejection issues. But being a huge fan of facial piercings I just had to have it. Now it was just a matter of saving up.

Once I had the money and the courage, I went down to my local studio. I walked in and immediately felt at home as always. I told the piercist what I wanted and she told me to come back in half an hour.

So I waited. This is when I personally tend to get a bit nervous. I wandered round some shops and tried to take my mind off it. I started getting butterflies in my stomach but was determined to get this piercing so I pushed them to the back of my mind.

When I arrived back she took me through to the piercing room and had me take a seat. I seen the jewellery sitting out and noticed it was not a surface bar, however this did not put me off as I was really determined to have this piercing. She asked what side I wanted it on and I said on the right because I sleep on the left. She asked me how I wanted it placed and I explained I wanted it vertically so as to look like tear drops. She marked two dots and had me check it out in the mirror. I thought they looked a bit odd so asked her to try them more at an angle and so she marked me up again and this time I liked what I saw.

As I was happy with the placement she began to clean the area and numb it. She said this one was too tricky for the clamps so she would just be using her fingers. This came as a relief to me as the clamps are usually the worst part. She began to pinch the area and then pushed the needle through. It did not hurt as much as I expected, I'd say my lip hurt more. It was more just a matter of being aware there was something on my face. She replaced the needle with the jewellery, which instantly felt better. It started bleeding a little and she wiped it up for me and wiped off the purple pen marks. She gave me a tissue to take away with me incase it bled more and then told me to look in the mirror.

And wow. I liked it. I was scared before getting it done that I would not suit it but now that I had it done I had no doubts. This was my favourite piercing of all and by far the least painful.

She offered me an aftercare sheet, which I turned down after having so many of them in the past. I paid £20 and then left.

After a few hours it started to bruise and swell slightly. At first this bothered me as I wanted to show off my new piercing and it was looking pretty black and blue. But it wasn't long before it died down again, maybe a few days and my new piercing was looking fabulous again.

I had no problem with the aftercare of this piercing. It has been a few months now and it looks pretty much healed. Only every now and then I lie on it when I am sleeping and it might start to bleed a bit. If it does this I use the salt water again until it looks settled again.

The only thing that bothers me about it is now that the swellings gone the bar appears slightly too long. But it is not anything major. And I do worry that if it rejects there might be visible scars, but I will cross that bridge when I come to it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Greta
Studio: Needleworks
Location: Dumfries%2C+Scotland

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