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The drama, not the pain.

The moment I layed eyes on my first eyebrow piercing when I was about 8 or 9, I knew I wanted one. Never in the world did I really think that my parents, or the rest of my family would ever accept it. They were already on edge about me gauging my cartlidge to a 10g and my lobe to a 2g. So for the longest time, I just had the 2 holes in my ear.

About a week and 1/2 ago, my girlfriend introduced me to this really neat girl, and she told me she has everything, and pierces anybody anywhere. At first I was a bit skeptical. I've heard many stories of people doing home piercings, and them getting infected. I kept my eye on her though, watching those she pierced, and how they liked it. She pierced 2 of my friend's tounges, and then she did my girlfriend's bellybutton. I was still shaky about all the home done business, but I figured I'd atleast talk to her about it.

So I finally got the balls to talk to her about it. She assured me that she has fully sterilized needles, and they are all individually packaged. She also has the clamps... clamps... I don't like clamps... But hey, she had all the professional tools, and she even had a little studio chair setup for her to do piercings in. After school that day, I called my girlfriend, and together we went to the mall, and picked out a winner for my eyebrow. It was a black curved barbell, with red, black, and white spikes on the end. I was so estatic when I finally got the jewelry ready, and thought it was going to be done that day. When I called my friend, she said that she was feeling sick, and she was taking a nap. I was outraged! An hour ago at school, she said she was feeling wonderful, and she'd do the piercing anytime after school! I didn't know what to do with myself, I was all worked up to go get it done, and then I was denied. I felt like the little kid with his big brother holding candy over his head. So I went back to my place for awhile, relaxed, took my mind off the piercing, and right when I was finally relaxed again around 7:30 ish, my friend calls me and said "Oh, yea, I feel better now, I can pierce you today if you want." In my head, I was saying "Make up your god damn mind woman!" but it came out as "Sweet, I'll be there in 5 minutes." I hop in the car with one of my best friends, and his girlfriend and drove over to her house. I had built myself up, thinking it was going to be painful. She had me sit in the chair as she pulled all the tools out, and did the markings. My buddy thought I'd be in some serious pain, and was taunting me, and getting ready to take video of me "screaming in agony" as she pierced my eyebrow.

When she put the clamps on, I felt the slight pinch from them, and then the next thing I know, she says "done". I was wondering where the pain was. I was so disappointed that it didn't hurt that I almost told her to go ahead and do my nipples aswell. She told me another time. So look at myself in the mirror, and it reminded me of the one I saw when I was just a young boy. It's been about 9 days now, and it really doesn't hurt at all. I've slept on it every night, been to the beach a few times,and even went in a moshpit, with no pain. Since I've gotten it pierced, I know I wasn't supposed to, but I took it out, and replaced it with a barbell. The only reason for me doing this was so that when I moshed, I wouldn't catch it on anybody elses clothes, jewelry, etc.

To anybody who wants to get an eyebrow ring, but are afraid of the pain, don't be, and get that barbell stuck in you on the a-sap. This was my first facial piercing, and 99% chance it won't be my last! My best advice to anybody getting one done, is to get a barbell instead of a ring. It has less chance of it getting pushed/pulled/caught and just less overall movement until it heals. Everybody I know, including myself with an eyebrow ring are extremely happy with it, and all of us say that it was the piercing that looks like it hurts the most, but really, to those who are sick and twisted like us, it's known as the piericng that kinda tickled. Enjoy!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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