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Quadruple Ear/Triple Brow

I have been going to Skin Illustrations on 87th in the O.P. for all of my Body Mods. The artists all seem like truly caring people who actually care if you like their work.

At the time, all thirteen of my piercings were done by the owner's wife. Wonderful lady, don't believe I can't remember her name. So I had some difficulties in my life, my girlfriend dumped me because I was a "pin-cushion" and I wanted to piss her off even more.

I was shocked when I walked in the door and Jessica was at the front counter, I had never seen her there before. She asked how she could help me and I said I wanted a "butt-load" of piercings. She seemed really happy to hear that, she was the Piercing Trainee. The owner's wife walked over and we chatted for a while, we haggled over the price, cause that's how it is when you spend over $500 for piercings in under 2 years. We settled on $160, I was kind of shocked because she was over $250 then dropped past the price I was joking about. The only condition; Jessica was to do all seven of my piercings. Jessica is a cute girl, and I didn't want to look like a wimp by refusing a trainee, so I agreed.

Words of Advice: Do not get three piercings at one time in an area less than one square inch, it's stupid and painful.

The shop owner was milling about watching over Jessica, and she looked nervous. Apparently she didn't have many hours of "application" time, it was mostly "theory".

I was trying not to laugh as Jessica went through all of the Safety and Cleaning instructions for my piercings. Come on, I already had thirteen. I decided to mess with her a bit when she said not to use peroxide, and said "why not? I've never had problems with it before". She looked kind of shocked, I assured her that I was only kidding. She asked what I wanted done first, so I went with the ears. Two 14 gauge hoops through both lobes. She marked them, held up a mirror and asked me what I thought, and she smiled when I said, "You're the piercer. Make it look good."

My mistake, my ears had been pierced so many times and I had scar tissue inside of the lobes. We got through three piercings with no problems, other than me sweating. During the forth piercing, on the inside of my left ear lobe, the needle struck scar tissue and shot out of the lobe and nicked my neck. Jessica was freaking out, and my blood turned to ice. The shop owner came out and said, "That's not gonna work. Try it again."

Here is where a smart man would have asked the trainer to step in. My ears felt like they were on fire. It was the worst pain I had ever had during a piercing. I wanted to leave. But NO. She was cute, so I had my left ear pierced a third time with no problems.

Then we moved on to the eye brow. Jessica still looked freaked out from trying to drive a needle into my neck, so, being the "tough guy" that I was. I just laughed and said "you're doing fine kid". So she set about marking the area for the first piercing in my brow. I asked her to just mark all of them out so I could see if I liked the spacing, and she did a great job. First one was like butter, second one was good too. Then she dropped the third needle.

Do you know that your eye brow can swell from 2 piercings in less than 3 minutes? I do now. It was like I could feel every microscopic imperfection of the clamp, the needle was stabbing me before it touched the skin. The audible pops as the needle broke through the skin made sweat pop out on my back and forehead. The shear agony of the third piercing had me ready to black out. The color drained away from the edges of my vision, and I was sure I would hit the floor. Jessica asked if I was cool to stand up and look in the mirror. And my tough guy attitude was destroyed when I said "Not just yet" in the meekest sounding voice I have ever used.

When I looked in the mirror, the piercings were flat out perfection. I looked like hell, all pale and sweat dampened. But Jessica did wonderful except for the ear, and I won't blame her for that. Anyone looking to get a piercing or a tattoo in the Kansas City area should head over to Skin Illustrations. The people are really the nicest group of misfits I have ever met.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Jessica
Studio: Skin+Illustrations
Location: Overland+Park%2C+KS

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