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Painless anti eyebrow.

For a few months now I have been about getting an anti eyebrow done. Finally I talked my mom into signing the parent consent for me. She did not want me to get that type of piercing because I might have to take it out in a few months. I have a few other piercings, both sides of my nose, and my ears. I did not get my other piercings at Divine. My sister got the right side of her nose done there a few years back. It looked well done.

When we arrived I filled out some forms, and paid for the piercing. Sarah told us that we would have to wait around 15 minutes for myself to get pierced. My mom, my friend Stephanie looked at the different jewelry. 20 minutes had passed and she called us to the back room to get my piercing. While we were in the back Sarah told my mom, my friend, and my self how to clean the piercing. The clean supplies are not a lot of money, just distilled water and sea salt. Then she asked us all if we had questions or concerns, we did not, now it was time for a new piece of metal to be in my face. My mom left the room because she did not want to see a needle get jabbed in my face. My friend sat in the back of the room waiting to hear me scream and see the blood.

I sat on the bed and she started to clean my whole upper cheek for a few minor minutes. She drew on my face with a pen where she thought the piercing would look good. I looked in the mirror and thought we should go up a bit higher, after she drew it on me again I took another look in the mirror, it was perfect exactly where I wanted it. I decided to get it done on the right side of my face with a 16g silver surface bar.

Now she told me to lie down on the bed and close my eyes. She pinched my cheek where the circles were marked. She told me to take deep breaths in and out. After a few breaths I could feel the needle go through my skin. It did not hurt at all. Then a second later I could feel another needle go through my skin and the bar sliding through my skin. She then told me that the worse part was over, even though I thought it was not bad at all.

Sarah kept asking if I was dizzy or feeling sick at all. I felt fine.
She was cleaning the blood up off my face, the top part of the piercing continued to bleed for 15 more minutes. The swabs and Kleenex sitting on the tray was covered in blood, it was not a good sight. Sarah gave me swabs to take home to clean it up if it continued to bleed, which it did. She said the blood would clot up in a few hours and stop bleeding.
Sarah said that all the blood dripping down my face looked cool. I thought so too.
The stinging afterwards was the only part that hurt.

My mom was pleased with my piercing. I thought Sarah did an awesome job doing it. I love my new piercing, I was smiling the whole time. When we were leaving all the workers was complimenting my piercing, including random people in the store. They all asked me questions about it. Then when we were about to leave the store Sarah called me back for a minute and asked if I would come back when it is healed and take a picture of it, I agreed.

I now have a blue bruise underneath my eye and a black bruise on the bottom part of the piercing. It looks like I got in a bad fight.
Cleaning the piercing has not been hard at all; I got the proper supplies for it. I have bumped it a few times but it does not hurt. Sleeping on it has not been a problem. I am afraid that my jewelry might rip out when I am sleeping, or get infected; I will just have to be careful.

I got many compliments at school today as well, from teachers and peers. The questions I got were some such as "Did it hurt?" "How much did it cost?" "Where did you get it done?" "Why did you get your piercing on that side of your face?" I would recommend this piercing to anyone. It was painless, inexpensive, and I had a good piercer. I am hoping that I will not have to take it out soon. If you live in Calgary I recommend getting your piercing(s) done at Divine on 17th avenue. In a few months I'm going to go back to get my Monroe and my industrial done. Wish me good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Sarah
Studio: Divine
Location: Calgary%2C+AB

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