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On A Whim, Getting My Eyebrow Pierced

A few days ago, I went with my boyfriend to Evolutions to get his eyebrow redone. While he was filling out the papers to get his eyebrow done, I decided on a whim that I wanted to get mine done to, so I started to fill out the papers.

I have been thinking about another piercing to get done, I have my labret and Monroe but I wanted something else. Something that would not be to over the top, kind of secret but not so secret that anyone could see it. The eyebrow seemed the way to go, since I have long hair and could easily cover it up with my bangs when I did not want people to see it.

After filling out the papers a guy came to talk to us to ask what we wanted down. I asked to have the same guy do mine that had done my boyfriends eyebrow before; they said I was in luck he just got there. I decided I wanted to go first, so the guy lead me to a back room away from the main desk and had me sit down on a table looking bed and said the guy doing the piercing would be there shortly. These beds remind me of hospital beds, which made me a little more nervous.

The piercing guy came out, remembered boyfriend and asked about him making some small talk while he set up his equipment. After the equipment was set up, the guy had me lie down and close my eyes. He was really nice, he must have seen how nerves I was he talked to me the whole time. He put a dot on my eyebrow, and looked satisfied so he put the clamp on. The clamp pinched my skin but it did not really hurt. He got the needle and came over to me, he told me not to forget to breathe and joked he did not want to have to pick me up off the floor. I laughed and he told me to caught to 3. Before I got to 3, he had pushed in the needle. I cringed when the needle went it, I will not lie, and it hurt. It did not hurt enough to cry but it did hurt, but the pain was bare-able. The needle going into my skin felt like pinching your eyebrow really, really hard. After the needle was in my eyebrow, the worse part was over, the guy reached over and got the jewelry and put it in. The jewelry hurt a little when he put it in, but not as bad as the needle itself.

After the ring was in, I sat up, not at all dizzy and thanked him and went up front to wait on my boyfriend to have his done. I could not help but stare at myself in the mirror as I waited for my boyfriend to come out. The eyebrow ring was adorable; it seemed to frame my face and make it look thinner instead of round, which was a big bonus. I was worried it would not look to good since I have glasses, but it actually looked better with my glasses than without. The ring looked really nice, it was notice-able but not too notice-able. My mom has yet to notice it, but then again she barely notices anything. When my boyfriend got done, we both paid and left.

The aftercare is a little awkward to get the water on your eyebrow, but after the initial piercing I did not feel any pain and so far it looks fantastic. Things to note when you are caring for it, if you are using a soap to clean it out with, make sure you get all of the soap off of your eye afterwards. I have some trouble cleaning it and getting all of the soap off of it and when I leave some on it, it dries up and I can not turn the piercing for anything and it gets a little sore. The best place to clean it is in the shower. Another thing, using a salt soak helps the healing process, originally I just used soap but I kept having trouble cleaning it off, so I decided to salt soak it to and it helped a lot. The healing seems to have speed up since I started using the soak.

I would recommend this to anyone if they want to get it done. It was definitely a good experience and who knows maybe I will get a second one in the future. It can help frame your face and do not worry if you have glasses like I do; it helps to frame your face. Good luck to everyone that decides to get this piercing, it is worth it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Evolutions
Location: Lower+Indiana

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