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Eyebrow Horror Story

I have never wanted to get anything pierced; I thought that most of them looked bad. I finally let my friends talk me into getting my eyebrow pierced when I was 16 and I actually liked it, but when I graduated from high school, I had to take it out to get a good job. Now that I am in a full time position job that I am confident about and they do not care about piercing, I decided to get my eyebrow redone, actually decided to get two in the left eyebrow in the same day.

About a month ago, I went to Evolutions and told the guy at the front counter what I wanted done, filled out the paper work and followed the guy to the back room. The first thing he did was clean off his tools while I waited on the table joking and talking with the guy. When he was done cleaning off his utensils he put two marks on my eyebrow and asked me to look at them in the mirror, I said they looked fine.

The guy put the clamp on the mark to the left and he asked me to count to three. Before I even counted to two the needle was through and he was reaching for the ring jewelry. I expected to feel some pain, but I felt no pain at all, just a tiny pinch and pressure on my eyebrow. It started to bleed a little so he cleaned it up before starting to prepare of the second one.

I had sat up doing the first piercing, so I remained sitting as he did the same as he had before, placed the clamp asked me to count to three and started to push the needle through. I felt no pain but a huge release of pressure. I heard the guy let out a curse and called his friend back to help him. It had started to bleed really bad, my girlfriend and best friend who were watching later told me they have never seen this much blood before. It took them some time to get the bleeding to stop and after it had they told me that they had hit a capillary. The guy that had done the piercing told me that this was the first time he has ever hit a capillary and it is rare but it does happen.

I actually barely felt any of this, it stung some, but I did not feel any real pain. My girlfriend is still shocked that it did not hurt with all that blood. I guess I have more tolerance that some people, but to me all it felt like was some stinging.

After I was cleaned up, they told me they could not do the piercing this time and it was still possible in the future but not until after the wound closes. They had actually had the needle all the way threw before it had started to bleed. They waived my fee; I paid nothing not even for the jewelry. They told me it was going to bruise and look like a black eye.

Within a week, I realized they were right, it bruised and it swelled up, looked like someone had punched me in the eye. It hurt to touch my eyelid because of the bruising and was hard to clean my other piercing without touching it. When I managed to avoid touching the bruised area, it did not hurt to clean the other one and actually aftercare was simple or so I thought.

I went back to the shop about three weeks after they had done the piercing to see if I could try to get the second one done again and found out that my first one had a small infection in it. They had to squeeze it out and that really hurt; that hurt a lot more than the piercing had hurt. It stung really bad and felt like someone was punching me in the eyebrow.

On the brighter side, when I went back that time, they were able to get my second piercing in and it did not hurt at all or even sting this time, but I think I was to preoccupied on the pain of them squeezing my infection out. This time the second piercing went in fine, did not hit another capillary but it did bleed again. It did not bleed as much as the first time, but it did bleed a lot again.

I paid for the second one that time. It has been about a week since I have had them both and they look nice next to each other. The bruising has went down and cleaning is a little easier but still difficult, I suggest cleaning them in the shower so you can get all the soap off if that is what you are using to clean them. I think my second one is starting to get a little infection, but I feel no pain yet, so I will have to wait and see.

To everyone that wants to get this piercing done, I have to say be careful. Getting infections is easy in eyebrow piercing no matter how good you clean it, so if you have any worries go back and see the person that gave you the piercing. Hitting a capillary is rare but it can happen and when it does it can be a big pain, there is not much you can do to avoid hitting one, but take this in consideration when having it done as what might happen. All in all I love my new jewelry and it makes me look better in my opinion and it was worth all the trouble.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 May 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: Evolutions
Location: Indiana

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