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I was expecting more than that!

I've been into piercings for approximately 7 years now & I'll only be 17 in July. I got my nose pierced in March 2005 and have since gotten 6 others, including the one I'm writing about here.

I had the money for about two weeks,and was considering/wanting my eyebrows/an eyebrow done for a long time.So when my Mom told me she would take me to get it pierced Easter Monday 2006 (04/17/06), I got excited and immediately got nervous. Why after 6 piercings? Who knows, but I got nervous.

At around 8:00 PM I decided it was time to go ahead and head to the piercing studio.The whole way there I was happy and giggly,and it felt good to finally get another hole in my body. Body mods make me very happy! ^-^

So we pull up front around 8:22 PM and I go in by myself (the age here is 16 without consent), and filled out the form, and I sat down and talked to my piercer for a few minutes while I filled it out, she filled out the payment and gave me my change,etc. I asked her if they had gotten tired of seeing me yet (jokingly,of course) and she told me no,and that it was nice to see me!

When she was done,we went to the back room,and she told me to take a seat. I sat down and she began asking me which eyebrow,and I asked if it mattered a whole lot since I was planning on getting the other one done ASAP anyway.. she said no,and looked at me and said I was pretty even with piercings (right nostril pierced, left monroe pierced, labret, tongue, navel & hood), and she said if it were her,she'd go ahead with the right eyebrow first,so I agreed.

She then asked me if I wanted a hoop or a barbell.At first I said hoop,and she made sure by telling me that barbells are easier for the initial time period,so I agreed and went along with the barbell.She then told me that when my piercing is healed I could come in and she'd get me some new jewelry for $5.00. As well as shorter jewelry for my monroe & labret being as I've had my labret since 9/17/05 and monroe since 1/20/06 - she said she could do those for $10 for both.

So after I chose the barbell,she cleaned it, told me the procedure, then told me to close my eyes, and she marked the spot. I watched her take out the sterile tools for it and closed my eyes again at her request. She said breathe in twice, by the second time you'll be done. And she was right. She then inserted the needle,then the jewelry and all was well. She did somehow manage to drop the needle after getting it through,but apologized. She screw on the barbell and cleaned it off,told me the aftercare; bactine twice a day. And sent me off on my way.

She used the clamp and needle procedure.I know some piercers use the cork (I think that's right?). She talked to me throughout the entire thing,and she made me feel very nice while I was there.After I was done & walking out to leave, I saw a girl from my old school (catholic) and should have told her not to get anything visible pierced if she plans on staying in that school.

We left, and the entire time we were out I couldn't stop looking at it.We stopped at Tim Horton's, and ordered doughnuts, coffee, tea, and a smoothee and then went to the Flying J gas station to get some gas, and drove out to where we'll be moving later this year after our new house gets built. I've been up to look at my piercing several times, and I get giddy every single time I do! I can't wait to go back in for the left eyebrow.

Now I'm home, about to take a shower, clean my piercing & go watch my T.V show, and then will likely be back here for a little while before bed. I definitely would say,if you're considering your eyebrow(s) for your first piercing, definitely do it! I am in love with mine,and it turned out A LOT better than I thought it originally would! :)

I got most,if not all of my piercings two months apart.

I got my nose pierced 3/7/05, my tongue pierced 7/8/05, my labret pierced on 9/17/05, my belly button pierced on 11/16/05, my hood on 1/6/06, my monroe on 1/20/06 and now my right eyebrow on 4/17/06.

I definitely plan on sending in some photo's of my piercings to BMEzine as soon as I possibly can.My computer is rather old and my digital camera won't seem to connect to my computer if I have things running, so I will try to get them sent in tonight,if not tomorrow afternoon sometime.

Happy piercing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 April 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Michelle
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Location: London%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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