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Beware of the Hairdressers!

Not only will I sit and explain to you my experience of getting my eyebrow pierced roughly a year ago, but I shall also explain to you in fine detail the consequences of heading to the hair dresser a few weeks later, expecting her to take caution when cutting and combing my hair.

I was a young one when I decided I wanted my eyebrow pierced. Thirteen to be exact, in grade eight and a time when piercing weren't the norm in society at the time. I had fallen in love with the concept of having my eyebrow pierced but being only the young age of thirteen I had to wait. I waited and I waited, repeatedly asking my parents several times through out the years to see if they would break down and allow me to get my brow pierced. I was unsuccessful in my attempts.

My twenty-first birthday arrived; this is obviously quite some time since the first time I laid eyes on an eyebrow piercing and fell madly in love. I had waited patiently for the day to arrive and for me to have money in my pocket that wasn't taken from my parent's hands. I had to wait a few more days until I had my next day off.

Finally the day arrived. I grabbed my cash, grabbed my best friend, the car keys and I was off to Bridgewater, NS to visit Aaron at Artistic Issues. I had phoned a few days in advance to be sure he would be free that Thursday in July, sure enough he had time between tattoos to pierce me. We arrived around mid afternoon; the sun was warm and the shop wide open to let the air circulate.

I was rather nervous, but of course more excited then nervous. My best friend kept whining about how she couldn't get her eyebrow pierced, and how much she missed it but since the place she works doesn't allow such things she's stuck standing and watching me receiving the pain and joy of the piercing itself. I was still awaiting him to finish up the tattoo he was working on so I just admired the snakes and other critters he has in his shop.

Finally, he's finished and I sign my name on the 'dotted' line, signing my eyebrow over to him for about a 5 minute procedure. I sat down in the chair and laid back, I couldn't help but grin because I had waited so long for this piercing, and it was finally going to happen. Aaron lined everything up, I said the okay and we were off.

I have to admit that the worse part of the entire procedure was the clamp. It always makes the pain more intense, however I didn't feel much pain with the piercing, I was just a little uncomfortable with the pressure.

In, and out, simple as one, two, three.

Aaron puts in the bar, I check in the mirror and I am very happy with the outcome. I pay him, thanking him for another great piece and I leave with my best friend in tow. I couldn't help but grin the entire way home and I couldn't wait to show my parents. I was just like a kid in a candy store. Wishing to turn around and get even more done.

However, I was unaware of the future outcome of my piercing. My beloved eyebrow piercing, the one I had waited nearly nine years for, would not be with me, and would be retired before I had chance to truly enjoy it.

I was schedule for a hair appointment with my hair dresser before I headed back to university. I was still happy by this point with my piercing and I loved showing it off to anyone and everyone I could. My pride and joy, I guess you could call it. Anyways, my parents took me to my appointment the day that it happened. I was going in for a simple trim, a fresh start before the summer ended.

My father went ahead of me, and I just sat and read awhile, not even thinking about much, not thinking that I should some how protect my eyebrow piercing from any future damage. Of course my hairdresser couldn't believe I had managed to get another piercing and she was rather disturbed by it, cringing at the mere site of it, and looking at it as if, if she looked it she was going to hurt it in some way.

Sitting down in the chair, she checks my ears to make sure I don't have any new piercing in my upper cartilages, so she doesn't comb them, as she normally did. She then asked me to take my hearing aids out so she wouldn't comb those when she was evening my hair out to trim. I did, as she asked as usual. I never think of her combing down on my ears, it never bothers me much. She does have a tendency to chatter while she is combing and that usually ends up in little annoying tugs on my lobes, but nothing to overly complain about.

I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

I was sitting in the chair, trying to hear the conversation that my parents and my hairdresser were having. Of course I give up because hearing is just not an option when I'm not facing people, and reading their lips. She was of course just combing my hair, not paying much attention. Next think I know the word "F*ck" comes flying out of my mouth and she's apologizing left right and center because low and behold she comb my eyebrow piercing. I'm lucky she didn't rip it clean out of my brow because I'm sure that would have resulted in a drip to the hospital and a very strange explanation to the doctors.

We take a moment for me to check and see if it's okay, it's bleeding a little and she's in the background asking me if I want to cry. I just laugh it off and say "if I wanted to cry, I would have cried when I got it done."

We continue on with the hair cut and I'm off back at school. I had a lot of trouble with it and had no choice but to retire my beloved eyebrow piercing. When I did take it out I was very aware of how far she did manage to tare it. I was very unhappy with removing it, but I intend to replace it here this summer, though I'm sure piercing scar tissue is going to be a little tough and a little painful.

My advice for those who have an eyebrow piercing: find a way to tape it down, to prevent that pesky comb from coming down on top of it. It's not a pleasant experience I will tell you that much.

Stay Modified!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 April 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Aaron
Studio: Artistic+Issues
Location: Bridgewater%2C+Nova+Scotia%2C+Canada

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