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The long awaited eyebrow ring.

I'm going to start this experience by saying, what I did wasn't exactly the right thing to do but, I am a very impatient woman and I hate to wait for things.

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to have my eyebrow or my nose pierced. I saw my sister's friends with piercings and I thought "I want those things!". I've had my dumb points where I pierced my lip or my ear with a safety pin(not a bright idea). I got over that faze after my first piercing experience in a shop(my navel). Of course, I didn't have the knowledge of piercings that I have today(yeah, it got infected and I had to take it out). Let me say, I'm glad I found BMEzine or I would be screwed.

So now, present day...Well, the week of the piercing. I had received my g.e.d. certificate in the mail two-three weeks ago and I was getting a small($40) reward for it from some friends this week. So what popped in my head when I received this money? Ding ding, piercing. My bubble decided to burst and I get the flu. Well there goes my plans, we can say god isn't on my side for that one. On thursday(two days after I got the flu), I felt a lot better and only had allergy symptoms so I prance over to my local shop and find out that there is no piercer due to his house flooding. I was pretty much in tears, but some how(coming from my mother, who doesn't agree with piercings) said "It's okay honey, he will be in tomorrow." Where the hell did that come from?

So the next morning, I woke up and felt horrible. I guess it was from the heat and the congestion, but that didn't stop me. three pm rolled around and my boyfriend came home along with my mom. So they kept saying "Come on Jinx, ready to go?" I told them I wanted to eat something before I went because I felt dizzy. It was about six or so when I decided that "I'm going to do this, even if I die on his table." Well, I didn't die, you wouldn't be reading this right now. When I finally got out the door, my body was screaming at me to stop but my eyebrow was saying "Give me some damn jewelry". Like I said, I'm stubborn and impatient so I had to go.

I strolled in, seeing Drew on the couch reading a magazine. I had to get his attention before I could tell him what I wanted, "Oh, hey sorry. What can I do for you?" Here comes the butterflies, I've had very many experiences with a tattoo shop and yet, the butterflies are yelling at me "It's going to hurt!". He asked me what kind of jewelry I wanted, "Ring." I said. So I got him off the couch and behind the counter to do the paper work. While he was filling them out, my bladder decides to kick in, so I ran to the bathroom(I forgot to pay him. Oops.) I went as fast as I could and ran back. I fished out my money and forked it over. He told me to wait there while he set it all up. My mom was telling my boyfriend to get tribal tattoos like (points to one on wall) that one. So they wandered off to look at others while I was stuck in front of the counter, feeling like these damn butterflies could make me float. I see Drew pop his head out of his room and call for me. I knew that I had to have my mom there through the whole experience, I didn't want to get the shop in trouble. I yelled for her and ran back to his room, like I have so many times for tapering. I told him that I really liked the idea of a hematite bead on the ring, he showed me the little 16 gauge ring in it's package(I had told myself that with an eyebrow or nose ring I would get that hematite bead.), and there was my black bead. Score.

So here's the fun part, the stab. He swabbed the area to be poked to get all the makeup off and such. Then he had me sit up straight so he could mark my right eyebrow, I told him I didn't like when it wasn't even around the eyebrow so he did it as even as he could on each side of my brow. I looked in the mirror, then at my boyfriend and mom. Drew did good for the first marking. So there I am, laying on the black bed-thing, with clamps on my eyebrow(Which didn't hurt at all actually). He told me to start breathing big breaths now(I'm light headed!), He alighned the needle, had me keep my eyes closed, breath and "That's all." The pain, it felt almost like a ripping pain, it was only for like 3 seconds of it though. He left the needle in while he was getting the ring, all I could feel was a semi tight feeling in my brow, and then the ring was in(still felt a little tight). He ended up dropping the bead so he had to get a new one. Before he grabbed one, my boyfriend walked in from the bathroom and saw the new addition to my face(I think he liked it because he had a big smile). Drew got the bead and struggled with it for a long time, it's a good thing I trust him or I would of bit his hand off.

I step in front of the mirror and I see my shiny new friend. For everyone wanting to get an eyebrow ring(or barbell), definitely get it done. I think it is in a perfect place, I know people like to play with the new additions but really, it's in a place where you know it's there because you can see it when you look at a certain angle, and you know people are looking at it. I am very glad I got it done. Of course having a cold while getting it done was a STUPID idea. So it's been over 12 hours, I've bumped it quite a few times with my hands(let me tell you, it doesn't feel good). It's very hard to soak the piercing for the whole 15 minutes, I know none of us have arms of steel to hold that cup there. I am doing a sea salt soak every few hours for like a minute or two. I also clean it with provon in the shower (bring a mirror and a q-tip with you so you don't knock the ring or get soap in your eye). Good luck, happy piercing.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Drew
Studio: Fine+Line+Tattoo
Location: Garland+Texas

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