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One quick, painless, eyebrow piercing

For a while know I have been quite interested in body modification especially different types of piercing, also with my cousin having 8 herself including her Eyebrow, labret, lip, industrial and tongue and a few other ear piercings I spoke to her about them and asked a lot of questions.

After that talk I made up my mind... I just had to get one, either my labret or eyebrow

But there would be one problem, my mum!

At first she kept saying no but I spoke with my Aunty and she convinced my mum to let me get my eyebrow done, considering if she did not let me get one I would only go out and get it done un professionally which would be dangerous, she my mum thought and agreed she would prefer to supervise it and make sure the person knows what they are doing.

As Christmas was coming up I knew I would have the money to pay for it so I called around a few places and decided on Essential Beauty which is only a 15 minute drive and seem to be very reputable they were also very friendly on the phone and easily answered all my questions and seemed very professional, they would also do piercings on minors as long as they had parent supervision.

When the day came that I would get my first actual body modification I was not nervous at all until I walked in the mall (where it is) then the nerves hit hard!

I walked up to the counter and asked for an eyebrow piercing and they told me to come back in 15 to 20 minutes so they would sterilize the jewellery and wipe down the room and said it would be best to grab something to eat, (I did not like the idea at first because I just wanted it over and done with now)

So we walked around a little and stopped to get a hot dog and milk shake (which to be honest after eating while feeling nervous makes you feel sick)

After 15 minutes had past I walked back in and was called into the room straight away and all I could seem to do was ask questions like ''does it hurt'', ''how long will it take'' but she reassured me that would only for 2 seconds and that she has already done two 12 year olds today and the most they said was ''ouch'' so my nerves were eased quite a lot, (I mean I am 14 I could not chicken out if kids younger than me got it done, otherwise I would be a wimp)

I walked into the room and was told to sit on the doctor's type bed and explained everything she was going to do and some of the aftercare and marked my eyebrow and asked me if I liked the placement which I thought was perfect (although at that stage all it is, is two little dots), she then told me to just lie back, close my eyes and relax.

I felt was this cold clamp on my eyebrow and two seconds after a small pinching pain which lasted for a maximum of four seconds and just made me say ''ouch'' and yet I have a phobia of needles, putting in the jewellery felt quite weird and in a way hurt slightly more than the actual piercing itself, the whole experience only took around one minute at the most, I was quite surprised it was so quick.

She told me to sit up and that I was done I looked in the mirror and absolutely loved my eyebrow and went and payed the $65 (Australian currency) I could not believe that was all to it!

I felt no pain that night and I even had my haircut and they slightly knocked it a but I could not feel it, sometimes I would accidentally rub my face and hit it which left a stinging pain for around two seconds but that's it.

After three weeks I had a slight irritation but was told I just needed to change the bar and when I did that I had no problems at all, considering after two weeks you are meant to get the jewellery down sized, but I did not know that.

I love this piercing and recommend it to anyone and just go ahead and get it.

I also highly recommend essential beauty to anyone but due to new laws people under 16 even with parent supervision and consent can't get pierced there anymore.

By the way DO NOT use any alcoholic spray or formula on the piercing it caused mine to bleed and leave a little pus so I used only warm salty water which is the best for any piercing and causes the healing time to speed up a little and minimizes any discomfort that you may have.

I hope you found my story/review helpful, also if you have any questions what so ever just message me and I will answer them as soon as I can.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Cant+remember+her+name
Studio: Essential+beauty%2C+Westlakes+mall
Location: Adelaide%2C+South+Australia%2C+Australia

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