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My Beautiful Bridge

At about 15, I started to really like the different piercing I saw in magazines and on the internet. I believe the first one I wanted was the tops of my ears, and my mom said no. So out of anger, I pierced my ears 16 times one night. That night I discovered that I absolutely loved the feeling of the needle. So after much contemplation of what my first real 'hardcore' piercing was going to be, I decided I wanted my bridge pierced. Again I asked my mom if I could get it done, and she said not until the day I move out of the house. 

Summer of 2005, at 16, I moved out. So naturally, one of the first things I did was go inquire about the bridge piercing. The same day I walked in to Creations, Matt measured my bridge, and told me to phone about an appointment. A few days later, I called in about an appointment, and got one the next day. I was so excited, my first piercing besides on the ears, and a failed tongue web. 

The next morning, I insisted on being at Creations an hour before opening. Extremely bad idea, as it got me even more hyped up to get it done. About a million things were going through my head, making me nervous. At that point, I wanted to go home. I thought it was going to be really painful. But a few minutes later, it opened, and I was first in line. So I filled out the forms, and waited. 

About half an hour later, Matt came out and asked if I was ready. I'm pretty sure I said no, but went in to the piercing room. It was small, and made me even more nervous. Matt sat me down, and I thought he was going to do it right then and there. But he explained what he was piercing with, and what jewelry he was going to use, and then went on to cleaning. It seemed pretty easy to clean, but I'll talk about my difficulty with that after.  

He drew dots on my bridge, and explained that I had a broad bridge and that it would sit on the surface, not right through. I was a little disappointed but figured hey, if I don't like it, I'll take it out. It was more about the experience. So Matt drew dots on me a few times until he got it just right, and then instructed me to lie down on the table. I had my boyfriend, Ian, there, to hold my hand. I remember sitting there thinking 'Oh my god this is going to hurt'. Then he put the clamp on, and I remember thinking 'Shit this is really going to hurt'. I figured that the needle would hurt way more than the clamp, and I remember telling Ian that I couldn't do it, it'd hurt to much. Then Matt told me I couldn't chicken out, he'd already spent about half an hour on my appointment, and I had no choice. As Matt put the needle closer and closer, I squeezed Ians hand really tight. I asked Matt how much longer until he was done, and he said he just had to put the jewelry in, and that was it. It was so painless! I felt a little prick as in broke skin, and that's it. I was hoping, and fearing, more pain. Matt put in the jewelry, and as I sat up, it began to hurt, and throb. But I stood up, and looked in the mirror. It was amazing! Definitely the coolest piercing I'd ever get. 

Matt told me to come back in 3 weeks to get a shorter bar. I cleaned as I was told to for the first week, and after that stopped. Bad mistake. It got infected and oozed all the time. When I went for my shorter bar, Matt only measured it. He said the infection would go away. A few weeks later, I took the bar out for a bit of cleaning, and it bled bad. Also, when I put it back in, it felt as though I had to tear through skin to get it back in. I knew it was really infected, and I was so scared that I had to take it out. 

It wasn't until I went in for a lip piercing that I got my new bar put in. It fit snug, and looked sweet. I ended up taking out a few days later though, because it turned out the bar was a little short, and caused pain. I randomly found the perfect bar for it in a store, and started using that. The infection started going down, and I thought things were okay. 

7 months later, my bridge is still infected. Mostly because I didn't clean it properly after the first week. The infection is going down, but is still quite the nuisance. I still love it dearly though, it looks amazing, and was my first piercing. All in all, the bridge is painless to get pierced, but keeping the infection away is hard. My advise to anymore getting it done, clean it. Lots.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Matt+Bressmer
Studio: Creations+Body+Piercing
Location: Thunder+Bay%2C+Ontario

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