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She used a nail to pierce my eyebrow and it healed fine.

      For the past couple of months I had been researching about getting my eyebrow pierced (mostly on bmezine and asking around people on myspace who had it done). I was looking around at pictures, etc. I decided it looked really nice, and something my parents might actually accept, unlike my other body mods. Since I'm out of work, I figured i'd just get it done when ever I got money. Until one afternoon my friend Kristin and I were sitting around my friends house. She was telling me how she recently pierced her own eyebrow without any problems. It always makes me feel extremely comfortable when people have already pierced (whatever they're going to do on me) on themselves. It didn't take me very long to decided I wanted her to pierce my eyebrow.

We took the train back to her house, we went up to her room, and got everything ready. A few weeks prior to this, she did her eyebrow, and septum, and a few other peoples body mods, so I knew she had some sort of knowledge. At this point, I didn't really mind because I wanted it done so badly. She hasn't had any training (ie. she does not take classes or work in a shop, etc.) but she has been researching it and testing things out on herself.

We didn't have any needles so we sterilized a nail by boiling it in water (note: this was a NEW, clean nail, from a fresh package). I was very, very sketchy about this because just the idea of it made me cringe, every other piercing I've had done was professional, and obviously, they used a hollow needle. Using a nail doesn't seem like the best idea, since you are pushing the skin to the side of the piercing rather than actually removing the skin, but it worked out fine, and even, better than I had expected.

I was so glad I went through with it. She went from the top through to the bottom, and of course, like my other piercings, when it popped it made that cute little "MMP" noise. Thats my favorite part of getting pierced. Anyway, afterwards, she left the nail in for a few minutes and waited for it to loosen up (I was completely used to/expecting this because all of my other piercers have done the same exact thing). I got some soda from her fridge so my blood level would go back up because before/after I get pierced I always get extremely nervous and shaky, mostly out of excitement. So, I need just a little sugar to help me get back on track. After about 10 minutes or so, she threaded the ring with hardly any problems, and we were off. It didn't bleed or hurt at all, in fact i didn't feel it at all. I sat in awe for a few minutes and wondered why I was doubtful or nervous in the first place.

I cleaned around the piercing and put a little soap on the barbell when i pushed it up/down, like I was supposed to (two times a day with unscented, non-creamy soap, like dial) and it is now completely healed, even faster than normal. I've already changed the ring without any problems. In fact, it was a lot easier to change it since it had been pierced with something thicker. I put it a 16 gauge barbell without a problem. The piercing closed around the barbell to fit the size. There was never any signs of infection (crust, pain, etc.) Most of my friends/people I know that got it professional pierced even had signs of infection the first couple days/weeks.  Kristin isn't a professional, we just read about it and took a chance at it. It was one of the most least painful piercings I've ever had done!

I would suggest to anyone who wants something as simple as this done, to either research about it with a friend, or do it themselves. Although getting it professionally done in a shop is safer, I felt like it meant more to me that someone I actually know did it. Out of all the body mods I have had done, this means the most to me, and looking back on it, we laugh at how nervous I was. Now, it's something I'm always going to remember because it was made personal by having my friend do it. I think about it now, and out of all my other piercings, I can't remember anything about a single one of them, other than I got them done at a (random) shop. Piercings aren't just the way you present yourself to other people, they should mean something to YOU too. I now know how much even a small piercing, like my eyebrow, means to me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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