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My lovely eyebrow...

When I was a little girl, I wasn't interested in piercings. My family, especially grandparents and aunts, always told me about the nice earrings they would get for me if I had piercings. I simply refused until I was about 11. Finally, in fifth grade, I got my cartilage done, and in middle school my lobes. Around age 16, body piercings started to interest me.

I started dating someone who had gauged ears, and used to have a tongue piercing, and it sparked my interest. My parents, although I pointed out that plenty of people have safe tongue piercings, wouldn't let me get it done. It was an absolute and immediate "no". They told me that when I turned 18, I could do what I pleased. We also discussed a lip piercing, and that got as "no" as well. I mentioned eyebrow, and got, for the first time, a positive response. My dad said that we would talk about it, but it was put off for a few months around Christmastime.

In March, my friends parents decided she could do her belly button, and we were going to do them together. Things didn't work out that way, she had work, and I was impatient. I made an appointment a day early, brought a different friend, and in we walked. It was a piercing shop in the mall, and it was busy. I had an appointment for 12:45, and as my mom filled out the paperwork, I paid. The piercer, Samantha, took all four of us back (everyone wanted to watch), and started explaining what she would do, and aftercare procedures.

I was extremely nervous. It wasn't that I hadn't experienced piercings before, I've had my ears done 8 times, but this was my first body piercing. My boyfriend told me I would cry, and my boss, who also has her eyebrow pierced, scared me, telling me how big the needle was, and how she almost backed out. I walked into it being almost to the point of terrified, but too bold to back out, and too excited for a great new piercing.

The back room was very clean, and she sterilized everything more than once during the procedure. She used a numbing solution on it, which had an extremely weird sensation. She marked the area on my eye, everyone, including myself, approved of where she had it placed. She had me lay down, and turn my head towards her. She told me that she was going to lay her hands on my face, and before she finished saying "Take a deep breath", she had pierced it! The pain was very minimal, and very quick. Through the entire process, she never stopped talking, and was very friendly, and very positive. She was the perfect piercer for me.

Later in the day, my friend decided that she needed to have hers done too, and we made an appointment, her dad came down, and she got it done as well. I didn't watch her piercing, although I was in the room, because I was scared to see what they had just done to me. We were both told that we did great, and bled less than most of those who get their eyebrow pierced. It was only later in the week that I discovered my boss had her piercing done over five years ago! Obviously techniques change!

Its only been about a week and a half, but it has already been my easiest piercing, by far. Cleaning it is very simple, I use a Q-tip and rub the solution I was given on both ends of the barbell, just twice a day. It hasn't been red, swollen or sore at all. The only time it hurt was about a half an hour after the actual piercing. I absolutely love it, and every time I walk past a mirror, or window, I look and admire it. I would highly recommend this piercing for anyone wanting something stylish and open for everyone to see.

My best advice for an eyebrow piercing is to go to a piercing shop you trust, don't play with it or touch it too much, because you obviously increase the risk of infection, and to take amazing care of it. After a week, I can sleep on it, without any problems, or morning soreness. Its been easier than my ears! I would even recommend this as a first piercing, for someone who doesn't want their ears done. It was easier for me, and this was my friends first piercing. She has nothing else done, and she loves it.

I'm now looking into getting my belly button pierced, as well as an industrial. And when I turn 18, I'll be getting my tongue done, and gauging my ears. I think that getting my first body piercing has made me look even more fondly on body piercing, and I can't wait to get my next new addition!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Samantha
Studio: Silver+Safari
Location: Spokane%2C+WA

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