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My failed eyebrow

I got this piercing a few months ago, and decided to write about it now to give the full life and death of my piercing instead of just the two days after everything is sunshine and roses view. Surface piercings are a big deal, and the rejection rate is super-high. I should have known better after all the stories I'd read about surface piercing rejections, but decided it was worthwhile to try anyway.

I 'd been wanting an eyebrow piercing since I was 13, it was the first piercing I ever saw myself with, but due to parents I wasn't able to get it done until I moved out this year. I had my lip pierced on an almost whim about three months prior, and I had loved it. The adrenaline rush, the ego boost, everything about it was great to me. The itch to get pierced was coming back. My roommate had decided she wanted to get her nose pierced after seeing my lip ring, and we decided we'd go together.

I went to Traditional Tattoos, I hadn't been there before, but a friend of mine had worked there in the past and spoke highly of it. When I went in it was unlike any tattoo/piercing shop I'd ever been in. The previous piercing I'd had done was well done in a respected and clean place, but it seemed very get in get out, had that kind of elitist attitude that follows certain establishments of the variety. Traditional wasn't like this. The walls were covered with art(okay, that part's not that uncommon), there were several couches with magazines and portfolios, and even an XBox and TV for people waiting to use. We went in and talked directly to Danny, he had to do a few ear piercings first and then it was our time. My roommate's nose piercing went very smoothly, and when it came time for mine I was so amped up I didn't even feel it. My lip had hurt enough to make my eyes water up just a bit, like a yawn, but the eyebrow was barely even a pinch. The rush of endorphins after first seeing it was as always the best part. I already had a 14 gauge in my lip, and he was going to use a 16 for my eyebrow but I talked him into a 14 as well for the eyebrow. He said this actually would increase the chance of it not rejecting. I knew it was a surface piercings, and that there were often complications, but I went through with it, and I loved it. Went over the aftercare, recommending only washing it with a mild anti-bacterial soap a few times a day and avoiding touching it otherwise and we left smiling. This is where the happy story ends.

The next two weeks went by fine, I kept it clean, didn't have any problems just the average crusties, thought it was healing fine. And then I was at my job, rushing out the door to the bathroom on a quick break, and the door stuck. I slammed right into the door on my eyebrow ring. It hurt a bit, but I felt the ring was still there and thought hm it'll be fine, then I got into the bathroom and saw in the mirror that half of my face was covered in blood. The lower part of the piercing had ripped substantially and it bled for an hour or so before stopping finally.

I continued to clean it hoping it would be okay and recover, but it never quite got there again. It started to migrate, moving a couple of millimeters on one side. Which doesn't seem like much, except when it's on your face and leaves a trail of scar tissue. Then it got infected and started to hurt any time I moved it, even while cleaning. I could feel the ring pushing outward as well. I'd read the stories about people holding out and eventually the rings just falling off, and didn't want to go through that, so today I opened the ring with a pair of pliers and pulled it out. I'm out $45 dollars, and my face feels naked, but it's an experience I still feel good for going through. I've since gotten my septum pierced and have further piercing plans for the future, and so far everything else has gone really well, but I think it's good to have seen how things can go bad as well. Will I get pierced again? Yes. Will I get a surface piercing again? Probably not. Has it had a major impact on me? Yes.

Inspired by my trip to Traditional, I've decided I want to become a body piercer. I was really impressed by the studio, the people that worked there, and the general atmosphere of things there. I really hope sometime in the next few years to be working at a place like Traditional. I've gone back there since and will go back there to stretch my lip and septum. I highly recommend it to anyone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 March 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Danny
Studio: Traditional+Tattoos
Location: San+Luis+Obispo%2C+CA

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