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My first facial piercing-my amazing eyebrow!!!!!

   Well, I wanted a bely button or a nose piercing for a long time, but they seemed just too common and there was no way my mom was letting me. When I was getting my hair done, my hairdresser mentioned that she thought eyebrow piercings were cute, and I remembered that. I looked up the eyebrow piercing, with a barbell, and I thought it was wonderful. I did a lot of research. Next, I had to convince my parents. This took a LONG time. They don't like piercings and were worried about the safety. However, they called my doctor who said an eyebrow piercing is the safest piercing to get because it's always exposed to the air. There was also the risk of infection with all piercings, and migration. Migration is when the skin pushes out the piercing, and this is more common for an eyebrow piercing because the brow pushes on the piercing.

Finally, one day, my parents made an appointment. I was TERRIFIED, but also very excited. I was getting the piercing I had wanted for so long! We drove off to the studio, which I am not going to name for my own privacy reasons, and I had stomach cramps the whole way because of my nervousness.

When we got at the studio, I was even more nervous. I was ready to back out. My dad said, "Do you want to just leave?" I almost said yes. I had to pick out the jewelry. I got a 16 gauge curved barbell, the smallest available because I thought it would reduce the pain and my parents wanted me to get something small. I heard my piercer say that she loved doing eyebrows, and I figured that was a good sign, because I was worried about the pain. Why would she want to do a piercing that was painful for people?

I finally got called in and sat down. My piercer explained everything, and she showed us the autoclave, and how the tools came in new packages and were thrown out after use. The studio was extremely clean and was very nice. I brought in my CD, and my piercer let me put it on my favorite song. A girl that was training to be a piercer was there too, and she had a double eyebrow.

I told my piercer what side I wanted the piercing on, and she marked the dots. It was slightly angled, and I thought it looked great. Finally, she started playing the song on my CD and was cleaning the area. I was very nervous, but my piercer assured me it would be nothing. My piercer said to sing along with my song, and I did, even though I sounded like an idiot.

Next, my piercer told me to take a huge breath and I did. I felt the needle go through. The piercing was DONE before I could even breathe out! I was amazed. It was painless! I felt the most tiny little prick, but there was absolutely no pain. When I had read on BME about all the stories saying there was no pain, I never believed it, but I guarantee you there is no pain. There is absolutely nothing to worry about! I was terrified over NOTHING.

When I looked in the mirror, I was in love. I came out of the piercing room and had a drink of water, and tipped my piercer. I left and it was still fine. The next day there was no swelling or redness, there was nothing.

However, about a week after my piercing the area was EXTREMELY itchy! I was going absolutely NUTS. I emailed the owner of the studio and she said it could be an allergic reaction. I went in to see my piercer, who, I forgot to mention was incredible. She said I had an allergic reaction to the cleaner, a basic ear cleaning stuff. I changed to a saline solution and there was no more itching.

Down the road, my skin was extremely dry. I went back to my piercer and she wiped off the dry skin and cleaned the piercing. (which hurt way more than the piercing itself!) I got vitamin E capsules to break and wipe the gel on my skin, so it wouldn't be so dry.

Now it's been about 3-4 months I've had my piercing and I'm still getting "crusties" Usually crusties last only a few weeks, but my piercer said sometimes they last longer. At first my piercer thought I could be migrating, but I saw her yesterday and she said it wasn't migrating. I've had problems from day one, the allergic reaction to the cleaner, the dry skin. It could be that I'm just healing slower, but we're going to wait a month to see what happens. If there is no improvement I can still keep the piercing, but it would be a hassle to go through with the cleaning and the visits to the studio periodically.

However, my piercing is my MOST prized material possession. Without it, I wouldn't be me. It has become a part of me, and it looks great. The problems I had/have are EXTREMELY rare, as my piercer has told me. She said she's never seen anyone with the problems like mine; I have super hyper-sensitive skin. I would recommend this piercing to anyone who wants to get it, because it is painless and looks GREAT!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 Feb. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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