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My personal eyebrow piercing

My experience happened when I was 13. Pretty young I must say ( or what you're thinking ), I've looked around BME and I know that the people located on this site are older. No matter the age I like to promote getting piercings. My own experiences of being pierced have mostly been done by myself, starting from the age of around 11 I'm guessing. I currently have 3 piercings, but at one time I had 12 ( ears x 6, eyebrow x 2, lip x 2, sternum, navel ). I've only had I'm sure 2 professional piercings, but I'm not promoting self piercings, it's not safe at all, unless you know what you're doing. I was offered a job in a tattoo shop, I worked for 2 days before I relized that I wasn't the working type yet, even if it was something I loved to do. I personally find piercings like a way to express how you like to look or feel, they make you feel like a better looking person at times or when your with certain people etc etc . I currently have my right eyebrow, left labret and navel. I'm going to pierce my monroeS ( the s is large because I like to show it's plural; as I'm doing two. One on both sides.) tonight so it'll be interesting, I'm looking forward to it though.

The eyebrow piercing was done in my home bathroom, right next to my dirty toilet and everything else unsanitary in that room; I'm never going to suggesting a place like this for poking needles and metal in your face and body. None the less I got my trusty needle out and put it in a cleaning product that I use to clean it. I took the barbell and put it in with the needle, so they could be cleaned together. I than went to my room and got my wondrous sharpie pen from my school backpack and I sat on the bathroom counter and looked toward the mirror and marked my forehead. I can't really say eyebrow, as I shave them off and I don't draw them on ( I'm against all body hair, when I shave it takes forever ). I than went to my room and listened to music waiting for the needle to be all clean and stuff. After leaving the needle in the container of cleaner for 20 minutes to half an hour I got back up on the bathroom counter and double checked my two dots and took the needle out of the container after washing my hands and lined it up and was ready to pierce my face.

I've never pierced my own eyebrow, sure I've done 4 eyebrow piercings on friends ( as I like to pierce my friends, which is terrible x 12 so don't do it ). I've pierced navels, lip piercings on all sides, eyebrows ( as you know ), ears and a few sternum piercings ( including my own ). I push the needle carefully into my skin. The first layer was simple I was putting a lot of pressure on the needle and it went through my eyebrow skin in seconds and at the end it made a real rad "popping" sound. When it was mid-point is felt like a small burning sensation and I loved it. I looked at the needle in the mirror and well I got ice and left the ice on the eyebrow area for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes I took the barbell over to my computer desk where I have a shard of glass leaning against my printer ( as I do my makeup in front of it every morning ) and looked at it and I pulled the needle to and fro for a while, as to stretch the hole some what. I pulled the needle down so just the point was through took the barbell and followed the needle through as I pulled it out. In the end I had a 16g spiked black barbell in my eyebrow.

For around 2 weeks after that you notice just how much you get hit in the eyebrow, how much you rub that area or just how much your long hair (if you have it) will get tangled in it. It seemed like a long healing process for me, all the cleaning and the crusting and me picking the scabs and etc etc . One time I forgot about is and almost tore it out with my hair, as it got stuck in it and I pulled on the hair a lot and than the piercing almost came out. I have to believe that it is a beautiful piercing done by myself and I'm excited to have it apart of my piercing project.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Self+done
Studio: Bathroom+counter
Location: Beside+my+toilet

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