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My first piercing, an eyebrow - lookin' good!

For a while now, I've been considering getting a piercing. I wasn't really sure what to get, but after looking at the eyebrow galleries on BME, I knew just what I wanted - nothing too fancy, just a plain barbell through my eyebrow. So when I learn a bunch of friends are all going in to have assorted things pierced, I decided to join them. I made a point of telling everyone what I planned to do, so I didn't have the choice to back out!

Several days later, after visiting numerous banks since they don't take debit, we walk into Sammy Kaines (there are five of us) and wait to be noticed. I'm sure we made their day, when they went around asking what piercings we wanted, they got: Three nipples total, two bellybutton piercings, a tongue piercing, and my eyebrow – which all totaled up to over $400. Not a bad haul for an hour and a half of work.

The girl behind the counter ID's us, and we fill out the standard "you can't sue us" form. She tells us the girl getting her bellybutton pierced, since she was under 16, had to have her father watch the piercing, which was amusing as he is rather squeamish about watching pieces of metal being inserted in his daughters.

We all crowd into the piercing room, the piercer puts some music on, and it's decided the girl who is getting both her nipples done is going first. Shirt off, on the chair, the piercer shows her the needles and describes the procedure. BAM, one done. Reposition, some breathing time, and BAM, the other is done. Prior to going in, I thought seeing someone else go first would make me a little squeamish, possibly chicken out, but after that I was actually rather stoked.

My turn. I sit down in the chair – OK, little nervous butterflies, this is my first piercing, and I'm not too sure what to expect. She goes over everything, I reassure her I'm good to go, and I try to relax. She marks the area, and asks me if it's all right. To tell the truth, I barely even saw where she put the marks before nodding my assent, I was just eager to get it done. She swabs the area, announces she's putting the needle up against the brow, and it's go time.

She pushes the needle almost all the way through, then stops for a couple of seconds (I think she was putting the jewelry on it) before finally pushing it through that last layer of skin. It hurt about as much as I thought it would, not terribly, though those seconds where it was hovering inside the brow were rather painful. The jewelry insertion, however, I barely even felt. There was barely any blood right after, and the aching faded fairly quickly.

She screwed the other barbell on, and I was ready to roll. Had a quick look in the mirror, and it looked great. I got to stand there watching as the others in our group got their piercings done, and for a while I felt somewhat faint and nauseous, but by the time everyone was finished I was feeling alright. We went for slurpees, and the sugar brought me back to normal.

So far, I love the way it looks, and everyone agrees. One of the best $60 I've spent! Cleaning it is somewhat awkward, but not too terribly difficult or painful. No bleeding, except for right after it was pierced, and so far there have been barely any crusties or anything. I still need to buy some Dial so I can properly clean it, not just soaking it in a sea salt solution, but so far it seems alright. With luck, it'll heal properly, and hopefully it won't migrate too much – I know someone who had theirs migrate right out of the eyebrow, and now they have a line with no brow.

The hardest part so far is, she placed it right where I usually rest my hand on my head, and I've done that several times already – not fun! Even while brushing my hair out of my eyes I've caught my hands on it several times. Just have to make an effort to avoid it, I suppose.... though sleeping on one side only is a major pain in the ass!

All in all, great looking piercing, and now I'm addicted – already trying to figure out what my next one will be. Lessons learned from this one? Make sure the positioning is where you want it, don't be afraid to speak up and ask some questions, and don't surprise your parents with your first piercing. I believe my stepmothers first words were, "Oh good god Christ Jesus", and I have yet to see my fathers reaction.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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