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My first piercing ever. Intimidating? A little.

About a year and a half ago I decided I wanted a piercing. I'm not sure why I just HAD to have one but I did. I had been to a few concerts and seen some piercings around, and I just decided that people looked more beautiful sometimes with a piece of metal adorning their body. I decided right away that I wanted my tongue pierced.

Well my mother quickly put my dreams of a tongue piercing in the trash-can. She said there was too much of a risk of an infection. I am allergic to all but two antibiotics and my body doesn't handle them well at all. I figured she was right and a piercing wasn't worth risking my life over. I just perked right back up and decided for a less risky piercing. After all, you could see them better anyway! So I then retaliated by saying that she could pick out of three piercings (eyebrow,nose,lip) which she liked the best and I would get that one...but I was going to get one no matter what.

After much arguing, crying, pleading, and bargaining she consented for me to have my eyebrow done as soon as my swimming season was over, and I asked my dad.

My dad was much harder to convince but I finally got him to say okay by the end of the swim season because I had torn out my shoulder and lost hold of my placing. I lost three gold medals that season because I couldn't race and this was my compensation! I was excited. It really did help a lot.

We live in a small town and had to drive about 2 and a half hours to get to the nearest shop. I was a little intimidated by a few of the guys there but I was never really that scared to get my own piercing. We had to wait in line for some other people before me and fill out like ten forms, but finally it was my turn to go.

A nice man by the name of Casey said that he was going to be my piercer today and led me into a little white room. He sat me down on a little chair like they use to draw blood only it reclined. There were pictures on the ceiling of very pretty piercings and he told me that he did most of them. That put me at ease because I didn't want to come out looking like a trash-bin.

He showed me what he was going to be using and made sure he showed me the sterile packages and the size of needle he was going to use.

My mom asked alot of questions and embarrassed me and all that good stuff that mom's do. I actually felt quite sorry for Casey.

Finally it was time for me to do it. First he clamped my eyebrow with what looked like scissors with no sharp edges, but loops on the end. I think that was the most painful part. He then proceeded to come at me with the needle while telling me to relax and get my breathing in a steady pattern. He said he was going to push the needle through according to the timing of a steady heartbeat. I wasn't sure if my heart was steady or not but I tried to breathe deep like he told me to. As I did, and he counted to three and before the "ee" was even out of his mouth it was over and I was pierced! He showed me what I looked like with the big long needle through my skin and I laughed. I tried to show my mom but she wouldn't look.

He had a little problem with me bleeding quite a bit because I was on Advil, but besides that he put the ball on the end no problem and I was good to go.

I got my cleaning package, some jewelry for later, and a bunch of instructions and I was ready to head back home with my new face. At first both my mom nor my dad liked it. But now they love it and we all think I look wierd when I take out my barbell to change it.

I love it now and I am thinking about getting an anti-eyebrow this coming summer on my other cheek. My parents are once again opposing but I am confident I can convince them.

My experience with this was SO great and I love my eyebrow now. If you are ever in Billings and want to be pierced ask for Casey, he's the best. I was right at ease.

I get compliments all the time on it and even older, conservative people love it. I feel much more beautiful than I used to.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Casey
Studio: Bodyworks+Tattoo+and+Piercing
Location: Billings%2C+Montana

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