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Here's a Story, of an Anti Eyebrow!

To begin this chapter in my epic piercing escapades, I will start off with a little of my piercing history (chronologically), I don't know if that's interesting or not, but hopefully it will be. It all began when I was four, of course I got my ear lobes pierced about five times because I couldn't take care of them properly back in my youngin' days (now stretched to an 8 gauge), from then on I've had four navel piercings, two industrials, one tongue ring, and my very favorite and brand spanking new, my anti eyebrow (vertical).

About two weeks or so after having my industrials pierced at American Standard, a little piercing place in Charleston, I decided to go get my anti eyebrow done, on a whim, you know how it is... you get the piercing fever and just can't hold it off even for a day.  Now, I am very particular when it comes to who I let jab me, and I only accept getting pierced by one girl and one girl only. She is a fabulous little lady, not to mention the best piercer of all time, by the name of Kim something. Her last name is still a mystery to me but I trust her with my life.  The only other person who's ever pierced me was when I got my first navel ring done, not too bad, but not perfect, anyways, that's a different story.

Now, I marched in that fateful day and asked if it was too soon to get a new piercing since I had just had my industrials done. As long as it wasn't another cartilage piercing it was fine. I showed her what I was interested in and she got out her little anatomy book to make sure that there were no important nerves or anything around the area (she had never done an anti eyebrow before) and it was all fine and good. But of course there was that little detail of the fact that it might surface considering the position of the piercing. I'll take my chances, I said. And so it began. We went back into the room as usual, had a little chat and picked out the placement of it (sort of vertical/diagonal, like two little silver tears).

She cleaned the area of course and applied the clamps, which weren't extremely painful but slightly so. I mean they were about as comfortable as clamps can get. So I know she's nervous, having never done the piercing before, but for some reason I am very ready. Usually I get that high feeling from adrenaline (especially the tongue piercing- whew!) but when I had this done I felt very average. And afterwards I felt average too (generally I feel high for about an hour afterwards). This maybe a positive thing for some people and a negative thing for others. I feel like it was less fun because I wasn't nervous this time, but also easier to get through. Anyways, we do the whole 'take a deep breath in and breathe out' deal, and as I exhale, the needle goes through and next the jewelry. I feel a slight prick, but nothing like I thought it would be. It was actually the least painful piercing I've ever experienced, surprisingly (the most painful I'd say was my cartilage, or one of my side navel rings). I was ready for some gut wrenching pain or something but, in all honesty, it hurt much less than having your ear lobes pierced. She seemed to be very pleased with it, and of course I was ecstatic. It was a little hot around the area for about 15 minutes, but soon became painless.

People's reaction to this piercing tends to vary pretty widely. Some people think it's cute, some people cringe, some hate it (my mom, ha!), some think its bad-ass, and me? I think it is gorgeous. Possibly my favorite piercing, tied with the vertical labret (which is so beautiful), I hope to get one in the near future.

It's now two days later, and I had a terrible dream about it surfacing last night.  Oh the horror.  I will be devastated if it does surface but I'm trying to nurse it as well as I can to try and prevent that. I've been giving it bactine washes and saltwater rinses whenever I feel it necessary.  There is some very slight bruising around the holes today and a tiny trace of blood when I cleaned it.  I'm going to post pictures up as soon as I can on BME.

I'm starting to get freaked out that it's going to surface so if anyone has any experience or advice, I'd absolutely love to hear it, my email address is posted here. I hope my story gave you some insight to the world of the anti eyebrow piercing, and if you're considering it, it's a very beautiful piercing, and shockingly painless. Good luck in all your piercing endeavors!



submitted by: laineylainey
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Kim
Studio: American+Standard
Location: Charleston%2C+SC

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