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From tongue frenulum to trinities

I am a mad piercing fanatic. I just can't have enough. So I went to the city one day wanting to get my tongue frenulum pierced. I'd heard at uni one of my friends, friends, boyfriends' cousin (or the like) got it done and since I already had my tongue pierced regularly I thought it would be a good idea.

Think you clicked on the wrong thing??  Anti-eyebrows not tongue frenulums??  I will explain... 

So here I was in The Piercing Shop waiting for a consultation and Lynette Rose comes out and starts talking to me.  "I hear you want your tongue frenulum pierced?" she asks me.  I reply yes, I heard of someone else getting it done and I thought it sounded cool.  She explained to me that they gather plaque and tend to get ripped out easily.  That put me off somewhat.  But I really wanted to get pierced- I'd saved some money and was ready to get punctured.  So I asked Lynette what I could get done that I didn't already have done.  She studied me for a bit then said I'd look really good with my trinities pierced, AKA anti eyebrow.  She showed me what they looked like and I was thrilled.  They were to go where I carefully line my eyeliner in a sweeping motion upwards.  She couldn't do it straight away because she needed time to get them in perfect position so I was to some back in 2 hours.  Those 2 hours felt like the longest of my life, but I went to a bookshop and read some books on piercing.  This only fuelled my enthusiasm for it, so when I went back I was pumped.   

I picked out the balls that I wanted on the ends (a purple one end and a gold the other) and made sure they had the right lengths of tygon.  I went into the room and lay on the chair.  Jess gave me a lavender head massage and I was ready.  I wasn't nervous at all; not worried about the pain or the weird sensations because I am a self harmer and I love pain.  Lynette came into the room... She spent about 45 minutes getting the position perfect.  She asked some other employees to come and have a look to make sure they were right.  They were.  Time for the dreaded clamps.  She clamped one and told me to close my eyes and breathe in.  I didn't close my eyes (I get off on watching it) but I did breathe in.  In went the needle.  Out came the needle minus the cannular.  She threaded the tygon through and pulled the cannular out.  After adjusting the tygon to make sure it was the right length she screwed on the other ball.  One done.  She did the same for the other one.  It was in an awkward position for my eye because it was on the other side and her right hand got in the way so I couldn't watch this one.  I breathed in.  The needle punctured the skin.  I could hear the slight pop as it went through.  Again she adjusted the tygon and screwed the ball on.  It was done.  I had my trinities pierced.  Lynette told me to use plenty of ice and the special piercing wash to rinse with every day.  So I had 2 blocks of ice on either side of my face for a couple of hours (my face was numb by the end!) and I used the wash solution like I was told.   

After a couple of weeks they'd settled down enough to go back and get the tygon trimmed down so it was a better fit.  Lynette said they were looking well and healthy.  Then about a month later the thing dreaded by all piercee's happened.  It looked like they were starting to reject.  I was in a panic because I had my eyebrow pierced a while back and that ended up rejecting, and I didn't want a repeat.  So I went back to the shop in a hurry.  "Lynette, help me!  My trinities are growing out!"  After careful inspection she assured me that they were only infected, not rejecting.  So she gave me some solution to put on them nightly and sent me on my way.  I used that stuff religiously for a month.  It seemed to clear it up.  Then a while later there appeared a pimple like thing in the skin in the middle of each piercing.  I was confused.  At first I thought it really was a pimple, but when they appeared on both piercings I knew it couldn't be.  Again I went back.  Lynette suggested that I take them out for a bit to let them settle down.  Reluctantly I agreed to part temporarily with my beloved piercings.  After a few days their appearance slowly improved until they looked healed.  So I went back yet again to get them reinserted.  Lynette looked at them and told me just to be careful and to come back if they look any worse, so I got them put back in (yay!) and kept a close eye on them. 

I've had them now for about 18 months and they are my favourite piercing out of the 42 that I have.  They have become inflamed at times, mainly after using make up or skin care products, but all in all, they worked out just fine.  I strongly recommend them to anyone who is wanting to try something just a little different.  People have actually commented that it makes my eyes look wider, which I think is a good thing!  But as long as you be good to your piercing, they will be good to you


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: lynette+rose
Studio: the+piercing+shop
Location: brisbane%2C+australia

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