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Mid-November of 2005 I was visiting my cousin in Wisconsin. I am from Jersey and had never flown before, so flying alone and for the first time was quite a trip. I got there on a Wednesday and left on a Sunday. Saturday night, I had decided I wanted to do something a little crazy before I left, to remember the trip and all the fun times we had. I had always wanted my eyebrow done, but the glamour of a tongue ring distracted me from it. I had eventually come to terms with not ever getting my tongue done and suddenly I remembered: EYEBROW. It was like a mental block that I had put on the idea.. but now that I remembered how bad I wanted it, I wanted it more than I ever did before.

We browsed the net for a local piercing shop and found one named Skin Candy, just a few miles from her house. We left for the shop 10 minutes after getting directions. I know that it was stupid, not getting references and doing it out of state. I wasn't thinking though, I had one-track mind that night. We approached the building with its purple fluorescent lights and noticed the OPEN sign wasn't lit, but my cousin opened the door and sure enough, I could hear the buzzing of a tattoo being done. The walls were covered with the artist's sample work and there was a big counter in the center of the room. I quickly spotted the rates chart for piercings and saw that a standard eyebrow was 35$.. at first I was a little weary of it being so cheap, because I had anticipated much more than 35$. Then again, I had done NO research, so I discounted my insecurity about the price.

The piercer came out and introduced HERself. She asked for my driver's license and we did the standard paperwork exchange. As we walked back into the room, we passed the guy getting his tattoo. The fact that there was someone else in there getting a body mod made me feel a whole lot better. I sat in the chair and she gave me the option of a 16g hoop or barbell. I had picked the barbell because it was what I had imagined the whole time. Plus, I was afraid my hair would get caught in the hoop.

She was clean, everything was sterile & sanitized, my cousin asked a few questions and before we knew it, she began. She asked me to keep my eyes closed because it's distracting for her to do the procedure with people blinking at her. To be honest, the clamp hurt more than the actual needle, and the clamp hardly hurt at all! The clamp felt like a pinch, and when she inserted the needle, it felt like there was some tugging going on, a little pressure.. but no pain. The actual process of piercing was similar (feeling) to getting stitches with anesthetic. Years ago I had stitches on my next from shattered glass, and they had numbed my neck to do the stitches. Oddly enough, the needle felt like the stitches. No pain, just a little pressure and tugging.

Aftercare was easy. There was no pain afterwards either. The worst thing I did was bump it in the shower and if hair gets pulled passed the top, it stings a little. I used a Q-tip and the stuff I got from my cartilage piercing. I work at a daycare, and it is very very easy to hide. My mother has yet to see it. My bangs cover it perfectly. This piercing can be discrete and tasteful. If you want to get it done, do it. The pain factor is virtually non-existant. It can be hidden if you've got long hair or bangs. I just put a retainer in today (I couldn't do it myself, you might need assistance from a friend like I did) and its hardly even noticeable. It looks like it was always there; it just fits so perfectly (the piercing to my face). It's not gaudy or tasteless or anything that I thought it might've been!

If I were to redo this whole thing, I would definitely do some things differently. I would do more research of the artist and get referrals. Even though I didn't, and everything came out OK, it could have very easily gotten ugly. I would probably also do it closer to home, rather than half way across the country, too. The piercer had said if there was any trouble to come back and talk to her, but since I was leaving the next night, that wouldn't have been possible. Luckily nothing went wrong, though. If you do get it done away from home, your local piercing shop would most likely assist you though.

Moral: Do it. But do it right!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Studio: Skin+Candy
Location: Wisconsin

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