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15 and ready to be pierced

When I turned 15 I desperately wanted my belly button pierced. I pleaded and begged for days on end, finally I had given up. When later it came to me to ask for an eyebrow piercing, why would I ask for a piercing on my face when they wouldn't let me get one in a place that wasn't noticeable? I don't know my reasoning, I had wanted one, but figured my chances with the belly button were better. I asked my mom first, she has no problem with piercings of any sort, "No problem, I think they look cool, ask your father" NO!! This is the problem, Dad. I asked him, "Dad, would you have a problem if i got my eyebrow pierced?" He thought about it for two days and finally gave me my answer, yes! He also mentioned something about not wanting me to get it done but if I wanted to, and that is all I needed to hear! I asked about his logic and it was, if I got a facial piercing I wouldn't have to pull up my shirt to show it off, which I would have, undoubtedly, be doing.

The day finally came, 2 days later! It was a Thursday and my mom just got off work. She stepped in the door and I was awaiting, she told me Thursday would be the day. I went upstairs and took a shower. She told me I should, so I did. We drove to The Piercing Company, it is about 20 minutes away and I went through nervousness, excitement, fear and it went right back to excitement! My mom turned and looked at me, "So are you nervous?" "Yeah" " Well, get over it, we are half-way there and I'm not turning around." Ok mom!

When we got to the piercing company we walked in and looked at the photos and portfolio of the piercer. I looked at the jewelry and I stepped into the back to see the rest of the shop and the actual place I would be pierced. We talked to Javad, the owner of the shop. We told him what I wanted and he said no problem,we did all of the paper work and filled out the surveys. Just the basic questions, if I had taken and medications, if I bleed and questions about my health, because I was under 18 my mom had to sign a paper that said it was ok for me to get my eyebrow pierced. I was actually really relieved to know that my mom had to sign a paper, I saw it as a verification that he was a credible piercer.

We went into the back of the shop where the piercing happens. I got pierced here in Germany so I was pierced the European way, a tube is attached to a needle and the tube is put through the hole, then cut shorter and pulled out, leaving only a barbell. He marked where to put the needle and showed me in the mirror, it looked perfect! I laid down on the table and Javad put on gloves and sterilized all of his equipment. After that he told me to close my eyes and not to open them.He sprayed something called Cold on a q-tip and rubbed it on my eyebrow.He said that it was a simple numbing solution and I had to wait a few minutes for it to set in. My mom told me the rest, he took a large needle and pierced right through the place he marked. I asked him to please count and he said that he was already done.

After it was over I looked in the mirror for about 20 minutes while listening to Javad tell me about cleaning and aftercare. We went back to the front of the shop where he gave me a special diluted alcohol and some cream to keep it clean. We then got down to payment, it cost me 50 euros, which was a pretty good price. The barbell cost me 25 euro and the actual piercing cost me 25 euro. The barbell was titanium because I have a slight reaction to nickel and silver. When I stepped outside, I was probably the most proud girl on the street. The only pain I felt was a little bit of a burning sensation, it was also the middle of October and there was snow on the ground, that might of had a bit to do with it.

I shocked everyone at school the next day, I hadn't told anyone that I was getting my piercing. It is even what gave my current boyfriend and I a common ground, he also is pierced. I love my eyebrow piercing and I would do it all again in a heartbeat, with or without the numbing!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2006
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Javad
Studio: The+Piercing+Company
Location: Kaiserslautern%2C+Germany

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