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Why I am not a standard mom, or daycare provider

I have never considered myself to be an average mom. Yes, I am 33 years old and have 3 children, but I am not the 'leave it to beaver' mom who bakes cookies and takes her kids to story hour at the local library. Though I do home daycare as a job, I have always been a little more 'out there' than most other women my age. I have four tattoos, 7 ear piercings and a high cartilage piercing (that I actually wear earrings in every day!), had a nose piercing in high school until it got infected, listen to alternative rock, drink lots of beer on the weekends, go to rock concerts, spend my free time in the winter doing extreme skiing with my oldest daughter... basically I REFUSE to act OLD like the other women I know. Hey, I'm 33, not dead!

So, this year I started thinking to myself that it was time for something new. I have liked the look of eyebrow piercings for quite a while, then one evening while watching "Dog- bounty hunter" I commented to my husband how cool I thought the eyebrow piercing looked on one of the guys in the show, and said "hey, can I do that?" His response was "Yeah, cool. Go for it."

Ok- that's all the prompting I needed! I called the local tattoo shop to check prices etc. Unfortunately the piercer/tattooist was out of town for the weekend. So the following Friday night I called and set up for the next day. Saturday rolled around and I was SO pumped. I remember the pure adrenalin rush that comes along with a new tattoo, and I was looking forward to that! At 3:30 that afternoon I left all three kiddos with my husband and drove over to the tattoo place. I had been there previously checking out designs so I knew what to expect with Chris, the tattooist/piercer (unfortunately, being rather poor at the moment, I can't get the tat I want. I refuse to compromise on body art, so the tat will be coming in February when I get my tax return!)The shop was absolutely PACKED with people! Probably 15 people sitting down looking at the scrapbooks, another 2 looking at leather, one in the back getting a lower back tattoo... I spoke to the guy at the register, and he said "you called yesterday? Chris is expecting you". So I went ahead and paid my $30.00 for the piercing, and headed on into the back room.

When I got into the back room, the girl getting tattooed looked absolutely GREEN sick- the idea of a piercing, maybe?? Who knows, but the longer she sat there while I was getting prepped, the more green she looked! I chatted with Chris while I hopped up on the table and she marked and cleaned my brow. She said "Breathe in..." but I was busy reading a poster on the wall and didn't pay attention, as she stuck the needle through my brow. I cannot honestly say that it hurt that badly. I was expecting more pain than that, but was NOT expecting the lovely SURPRISE NUMBER 1, which was the "Shussshhhhh" sound of the needle slicing through my flesh. That was pretty gross.
So, Chris inserted the ring, then SURPRISE NUMBER 2, she said "Oh wow, you're bleeding, man" and lo and behold, I was bleeding like a stuck pig all down my face and onto my favorite black t-shirt. GRRR!!! Anyway- we got the bleeding stopped, she told me to clean it 2 to three times a day with liquid dial and bactine spray, and I headed on home.

Recovery from the piercing has NOT been a clean and easy process!! First, I had a black eye for a good week after the piercing was done, and my new piercing bled off and on for the whole first week. (note to all females - do NOT get a piercing either during your period or in the week before your period, as it WILL cause you to bleed more!) Second, about 2 weeks after the piercing, my husband accidentally elbowed me in the eye when we were getting in the car. OWWW!!! Then, I developed a fluid filled cyst at the exit hole of the piercing (this happened almost 2 months after the piercing was done!). Even now, three months after, it goes through stages of being great to being icky, never so bad that I would consider removing it, but a LONG way from being what I would call 'healed'.

But, overall, I wouldn't change a thing. I love my piercing. It definitely adds something to my face. And, I have noticed that I am more confident to be my own person. I have met with a few 'potential daycare clients' since having my piercing, and if anything I have been MORE sure of myself than I was prior to the piercing. If someone doesn't like who I am, to hell with them! I am awesome! I don't have to act like every other boring 9-5 working mom. I can be just as extreme as I want to be!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Chris
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Location: Maine

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