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my bridge piercing

Being someone who's never fit in adequately and loves it, I thought it was about time I got a piercing that didn't really 'fit in'. One that wasn't very common. Having been 15 at the time, it was a bit of a challenge to get my moms permission beforehand. I'd done my nose by myself as well as a few holes in my ears. She decided she better let me get something done professionally before I went and did something dangerous (more so than my nose) myself.

I guess it was a bit of a spontaneous decision to get my bridge pierced. It wasn't really something I'd ever thought about previously, but I saw a picture on the net where a girl had one and thought she looked gorgeous with it. Even though I was skeptical as to if I wanted it, I asked my mom for it out of curiosity as to if I would be allowed even to go through with it. She, surprisingly, said it would be fine, and that she'd pay.

Problems that arose were my moms extreme dislike of driving downtown, of bussing downtown, and of downtown in general. She called around at different piercing places, and discovered the only one that would allow me to get the piercing without her presence (but with a phone call while I was at the studio) was Unique (now called Rideau St. Tattoos). So one weekend, myself and a bunch of my friends went in.

Having a phobia of needles, but a love of piercings, I was scared. Also, I'd only ever seen one bridge piercing in person. I didn't expect it to hurt that much, but I did expect it to hurt as much as my self-done nose. I went in, met my piercer Sara, and she told me about all of the aftercare instructions. That as well as the cost, which was $70. I payed her and sat down to wait for a bunch of teen girls bouncing around excited about getting their belly buttons done. I went into the room where she was going to pierce me, and asked Sara not to show me the needle. I told her how scared I was and she said about 90% of the people she has come in are scared of what they're there to do. She made me feel really at ease. She showed me what she was using to clean with and the jewelry, and marked the dots on the bridge of my nose. She asked if the dots looked well aligned to me, and I said yes. She talked me through all the cleaning she was doing and asked me about different things happening in my life and was very sweet. When it was time for the needle, she said to breathe in deep, she pushed it in, and then breathe out once everything, including the jewelry, was in place.

When I get piercings I usually bleed a lot, and this time was no different. I lost a lot of blood, so she gave me some candy to keep up my blood sugar and told me to remain sitting with her until I thought I was good to go. As far as the pain went, its less painful than any other piercing I've got, except for ear lobes, (I have both sides of my nose, 3 lobe piercings one gauged, an industrial with orbital, my nipples and my bellybutton on the bottom).

  1. It's been six months since I first got my bridge done, and it's not fully healed. I went in and got a fitted bar rather than the slightly longer bar I had originally, which was to accommodate for swelling. It only hurt for about two days after the initial piercing and hasn't since, except for one night when a bead unscrewed and it fell out. Upon returning to the same piercing studio, my piercer as well as the other piercers there said how nicely it had turned out, no attempted rejection at all, and that it was set back pretty far and looked amazing. I'm really very glad I got it done, and hope that if anyone reading this is interested in getting one, goes through with it!

If you are interested in getting a bridge piercing, expect little pain because its only through the skin, not cartilage, and definitely not through the bone (I've had people ask me that, its ridiculous). However, you can expect lots of people to grab their skin there and wince at the sight of you, and many, many people will ask you "did that hurt?. One man I've met say he's considering taking his out because he's sick of people asking how painful it was. Frankly though, its not a very painful piercing, I can have it and work as long as I have a retainer in rather than my regular jewelry, and its not common if you're looking for something with edge. Also, I suggest anyone to go to Rideau St. because their very nice and experienced, and Sara's the best!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Nov. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: sara
Studio: rideau+street+tattoos+%28formarly+unique%29
Location: rideau+street

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