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Dirty South Bridge Piercing

Dirty South Bridge Piercing

So it was May of 2005 when I finally decided what my first piercing was going to be, my bridge. It took me a good few months of research and thinking. I was considering getting my bridge, septum or lip pierced. I decided that my septum wouldn't bee a good choice for me mainly because my girlfriend had a 4 gauge septum, and me being the macho guy that I am, I wasn't about to have my first piercing be the same as my girlfriends, and at a smaller gauge too for that matter. And as for passing on getting my lip pierced, well all I had to do was take a trip to hot topic and see everyone and there dad with there lip pierced. So bridge it was.

I was living in New Orleans at the time when I decided to get my bridge pierced and had heard of a few good piercing shops, one being Rings of Desire and the other being Forbidden Body Art. I went to Rings of Desire first. I had never been there before so I walked around to just make sure everything looked clean and legit. And it was, everything seemed perfect. Then I went up to the person working the counter and asked who it was that did piercing there. And he told me at that time that it was just him... so, I asked to see a portfolio of his work, and asked if he'd done any bridges before. The guys work all seemed pretty good, and he had done quite a few bridges before. The only major drawbacks with going with him though was he came across as really stuck up and full of himself. He just seemed like a jerk. Then he told me that the jewelry and piercing would run me $80. So I decided to go check out the other place.

When I walked into Forbidden Body Art, I immediately noticed everyone there seemed cool as hell. I walked around and checked stuff out for a little bit and like Rings Of Desire everything looked clean and seemed perfect. I asked one of the people working at the counter who there did piercing. It was a girl named Candy, and unlike the guy at Rings of Desire, she wasn't snobby oh, and she was hot. So I asked to see a portfolio. There was probably half the amount of work than in the other guys portfolio, and when I asked her if she had done any bridge piercing she replied with a "..yeah, but only two." I asked her about those two, neither of which had a photo. She said both times they went smoothly and actually both people have had them for years. So then I got to the question of price. $50 sounded good to me.

So I told her I wanted to go ahead and have her pierce my bridge! Awesome! Finally I'd get my first piercing. But it turned out to be far from awesome.

First thing I did was fill out a little paper work and then pick out the jewelry I wanted. I went with a 14 gauge curved barbell with medium/large beads. Then Candy had me go sit up in her chair so she could dot on with a marker the position I was going to have it. That's about when the red flag should have been thrown up on my part. The positioning she was putting the marks on were completely off. And I told her that, a good 6 times. Candy was looking to be a little nervous at that point. So I told her hey... 'why don't you ask your boss to dot em' on?' So she did. And he got it looking perfect. AWESOME finally I could get down to the actually piercing itself.

Candy seemed fine then so it was all gravy!!! Right? WRONG! She prepared and organized her work station like a pro. Then she put her gloves on and took the needle out of the packaging. She asked me if I was ready which I quite obviously had been for a while. The few seconds of suspense before the needle piercing my skin is unexplainable! Pure adrenaline rush! She pushed the needle through and there was absolutely no pain, just dopamine and adrenaline! And then there was the "oh shi..." from Candy. NOT what I wanted to hear in the middle of my piercing! The needle wasn't straight and it wouldn't have come out at the dot on the other side. So she pulled the needle out and re pushed it through.. It was straight that time.

Little did I know that her fuck up ruined my piercing. My girlfriend was with my the whole time and after Candy had the jewelry in I looked to her and she had a horrified look on her face. Candy went over the cleaning and aftercare I would need to do, took my money, and I left.

Later that day after looking at my new piercing for a while I realized it WAS crooked. Lame ass. Because of her little mess up I had a extra little pocket in my bridge that would get infected and fill up with puss. Even after multiple, multiple sea salt presses a day, and keeping it exceptionally clean her screw up really effected the look and feel of my piercing. So from my first little piercing experience I've definitely learned shop around for a good skilled artist. Fuck it if they're snobby or not. The work speaks for itself. Same as the price, you pay for what you get. If I could go back I'd definitely pick getting my piercing done by the first guy. But hey, I've learned from my mistake. I hope someone else who reads this could learn something too.


submitted by: chessxcore
on: 30 Oct. 2005
in Eyebrow Piercing

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Artist: Candy
Studio: Forbidded+Body+Art
Location: New+Orleans

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